Out on the Town: F1rst Take #FordATL


By now you should know I am a sucker for an amazing and memorable experience.

On Friday, July 17, I had the pleasure of enjoying date night with Hubby a little bit differently than we normally do. Normally, if we’re want to just chill and relax we may go for a drive around the city and bring it home to some Netflix and take out. This particular night we decided to enjoy a little cultivated experience with Ford being our maestro.


The Experience:

You “valet” your car and a Ford vehicle picks you up or you can test drive one that takes you to a secret location. We were chaffeured in a 2014 Expedition XL 😍

So you arrive at the location, greeted by two women dressed in red candy girl outfits complete with hats and enter a room with a candy bar and popcorn and really good nostalgic dance music…pretty much any music that’s played at a family reunion or a 25 and up club.


Several bars line the walls. DJ and MC on the stage. Two aerialists dangle from the ceiling. There isn’t a photobooth, instead, you get to create a flipbook, something like a gif in real form, complete with props.

There are passed hor d’oeuvres and the whole vibe is good and lively. Then a Ford chauffeurs you back to your vehicle.

My Reaction:

This event was excellent. Really fun and a different experience.

Kudos to Ford for this event and special shout out to the folks behind the scenes for bringing it together, especially I’na Saulsberry of The Starfire Group.

Favorite Part:


Check out photos from the event below and visit www.whycauseican.com for even more!


#EatatTRACE Grand Opening at the W Hotel Midtown-Atlanta


Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to attend the grand opening of Atlanta’s newest trendy restaurant, TRACE. It boasts an amazing farm-to-table menu and get this….COMPLIMENTARY VALET!

TRACE at the W Hotel in Midtown- Atlanta

If you’ve ever been or have lived in Atlanta, you KNOW how important this is. Many evening excursions include picking the perfect outfit, getting your makeup “beat fo’ day gawds” as they say, gassing up the car, and spending nearly an hour finding the perfect complimentary parking spot that is within at leaf one mile of where you plan on having fun…or ensuring that you’ve gotten a crisp $20 bill from the nearest ATM to give to the parking attendant.

Nonetheless, TRACE is located inside of the W Hotel in Buckhead (188 14th Street Atlanta, GA) where the old Spice Market used to be. Former Spice Market chef and Georgia Southern alum, Shean Sater will head up the locally sourced menu with delectable items coming from Inland Seafoods, R&J Farms, and Pure Organic to name a few.

TRACE at the W Hotel in Midtown- Atlanta

The design of the entire space, which is deceptively bigger than you might think feels like an upscale Southern den. It has a well designed mix of dark stained woods mixed with untreated wood accents– like the sign with the restaurants name that greets you in the entry way, industrial lighting, posh booths, and little quirks like this massive wall of decorated pots. I have to give it up to the Starwood design team, they sure know how to make a space feel sexy, sophisticated and fun!

TRACE at the W Hotel in Midtown- Atlanta

But wait! Let’s talk about the food! As a self proclaimed health conscious food wondering about eating cleaner, I often wonder how would I get to enjoy date nights at restaurants? In knowing that TRACE will be offering locally sourced, farm to table dishes with great vendors, date nights at this restaurant definitely won’t be so bad!

You know the food is good when people are hunting down the waitress for the 20th tray of the passed shrimp and grits hor d’oeuvres. Not to mention the drinks! Our custom bartender made a MEAN Georgia Dawg (Tito’s Vodka, smashed strawberries, simple syrup, and a splash of lemon juice)…let’s just say I had more than a couple “tastings.”

TRACE in the W Hotel Midtown- Atlanta

Liz Lapidus put on a great production not only ensuring we got the opportunity to get to know her clients at TRACE but also making sure that it had a very diverse crowd with diverse conversations.

What I enjoyed best is that TRACE allowed us to meet the people behind the scenes that we rarely get to have the opportunity to learn about. I was delighted to get to know the people that sourced their food and am very proud of them for going with so many local vendors.

On your next date night…I dunno…tonight maybe…go to the W Hotel Midtown in Atlanta (188 14th Street Atlanta, GA), say hey to Chef Sater, order a Georgia Dawg and enjoy a bowl of shrimp and grits!

Check out more photos below!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Similar | Skirt: House of Ubuhle Consignment | Clutch: MMLXX (Custom) | Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar)