Revved Up: 10 Tips for Roadtrips


I recently went on a weekend roadtrip to Savannah, GA with some friends over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend (post coming on Friday). It was awesome. The only thing better than getting sloppy drunk with your friends is watching other people get sloppy drunk with your friends. Roadtrips are a great and inexpensive way to get your butt out of the house! With the weather FINALLY looking great here in Atlanta, you can expect that more roadtrips will be had, even for just a day.

roadtrip tips

While I was in the car, on my way back home, I came up with this list for everyone to make the best out of their roadtrip! Check it out and of course leave a comment!

  1. The People– Have you ever been to a party and realized the party could have been so much better if different people were invited? Or maybe you were planning something with some friends, but no one wanted to contribute at all. Same thing goes for road trips: invite people who you get along with, who will contribute, who take initiative, who follow directions, and whom you can trust.
  2. The Location– When planning your destination, a good rule of thumb is to make it either cultural, historical, fun, or relaxing. It helps if you pick a place that is all in one. Even if you go for business, make it a point to discover something new about the town and catch some down time.
  3. The Fun– While on the road, you can do so many things to have fun and keep the morale and energy up. Purchase some board or card games. Pull out the tablet and watch a movie or three. There are so many car games you can play with some simple research in Google. For the longer car rides, make an effort to stop in each big city you pass through and create a scavenger hunt along the way. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it’s fun for everyone!
  4. The Ride– When I roadtripped to Charlotte to stay at the Ballantyne Hotel, I drove a Toyota Prius. It was the most gas efficient car, I had ever driven. Because it was a hybrid, I was able to save a ton of money on gas and it worked very efficiently. Do rent a vehicle that’s gas efficient, large enough, and current on maintenance. If you’re taking your car, make sure you get all of the maintenance up to date, change the tires, get that oil change, and take it for a pre-trip detail service. It’ll make cleaning the bugs off your car post-trip that much easier.
  5. The Trip– I am probably one of the most organized people I know. When it comes to roadtrips, not only do I want to get there quickly, but I want the drive to the destination to be as smooth as possible. Typically that takes pre-planning to do so. Create a schedule for bathroom breaks on the road (the best gas station bathrooms are usually QT, Loveable, and Racetrac. They do a good job of making sure the bathrooms are cleaned often), fill up early, get plugged in, wear comfortable clothing. I can’t stress this enough, nothing is worse than sitting in the car for hours wearing something that squeezes your gut, pinches your thighs, or makes you too hot. Wear something loose fitting and comfortable. I like to bring cozy house socks so I can take off my shoes and feel like I’m at home! Oh! Don’t forget your travel pillow…your neck will thank you.
  6. The Music– Nothing is better than a sing-a-long. Seriously, nothing! Ask the group to contribute or share 10-20 of their favorite songs for a mixtape/playlist, designate someone to create or find all of the music and be prepared for the mobile version of a karaoke lounge. Don’t forget songs that are filled with memories from when you all met!
  7. The Food– On roadtrips, you could be in the car anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, it’s always a good idea to bring a bag full of snacks to keep you satisfied and hydrated during those long trips. Try to bring a diversity of snacks to not only satisfy your taste buds, but also to share with your buds in the car. A good list of snacks include: something sweet, something savory, your favorite snack, something healthy, something to keep you energized, gum and definitely water.
  8. The Reads– Although most of your time in the car will be filled with funny stories or though provoking conversation, it’s always a great idea to bring a couple of your favorite magazines or book(s) you’re currently reading. Check out apps like Flipboard or Feedly that aggregates your favorite content into one platform to catch up on articles, blogs, and news.
  9. Be Engaging. Leave the phone at your hotel and opt for your camera instead. Instead of posting what you are doing on Twitter, actually do it. Talk to your friends and have real conversations. No one likes being around a wallflower, this is your chance to really shine and make an impact on your friends.
  10. Immerse yourself in the experience. Take in your location. Stop for a moment  to really take in where you are; close your eyes, take a deep breath in, listen to the sounds, and feel your heart beat to the rhythm of the location. Take a quiet walk around the historic downtown area to submerge yourself in the history and culture. Say hello to a local and ask them their story. Eat what they eat. Drink what they drink. And most importantly, let go of the stresses of home, business, family, etc and really enjoy your roadtrip/ vacay.