Out on the Town: #PXPFest brought me home (#growingupforeign)

I am Jamafrimerican…

My mother is Jamaican and my father is Nigerian. My Step father and baby brother  are of Sierra Leone descent. My other brother and I are truly first American born citizens. While everyone is talking about what it was like to #growupblack, I’m sitting here thinking about what it was like to #growupforeign. More on that later.

Every celebration required plenty of Guinness and or Heineken and the music will literally have you dancing the night away. Where gospel songs had the same beat as the ratchet songs, but it was often hard to differentiate the two while dancing. My mom’s wedding reception lasted over 12 hours. Foreigners know how to party!

Trying to explain to Hubby my deeply rooted love for this music can only be explained through dance.

This past weekend, I got the chance to enjoy a cultural experience that took me back to my youth with house parties filled with the thumping beats of Afro-Caribbean music.

The Passport Experience:

Created by renowned DJ Fully Focus, PXPFest aims to unite music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta, a city whose boasts the 11th highest foreign-born population in the country at nearly 725,000.What makes PXP Fest unique is that everyone belongs here, and we’re all equal,” says Fully Focus. “We celebrate diversity & cultural pride. Nowhere else can you get all your favorite genres on one stage. It’s been tailored for the open-minded music fan. It’s a place where you can bring your diverse circle of friends & family and there’s something for everyone. It’s the only place where you get to travel the world without a visa & the only limitation is your imagination.”

What’s particularly special is it’s philanthopic initiative:

PXPFest is also offering attendees the opportunity to make a lasting difference through their participation in the event: a portion of each ticket sold will contribute to Akon Lighting Africa, the Konvict Music boss’ solar power initiative working to bring electricity to 25 countries by 2016.

The Experience:

So we get to the gates of Centennial and you can feel the chill international vibes. Music is BLASTING. I would say I feel sorry for the businesses and residences within a 5 mile radius of Centennial, but I don’t. #sorrynotsorry

This experience was RIGHT on time! It’s like the world needs a MASSIVE BLUNT and they got it in Atlanta. Really wish everyone would just chill the f-ck out! You’d have to truly be a hater to not enjoy yourself here.

It was everything I could ask for, and yes I’m biased to a series of things, but it really was a unique music and cultural experience that united music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta

So here are my actual reactions:

Wait! Did it go from Mama Africa. Whisp around for some Bollywood. Side track to the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Take you to New York and then bring it home to Atlanta? Bitch Am I On Vacation?

Eat. Pray. Twerk.

I can’t make my hips stop moving!

And what’s funny is that a vacation is right around the corner. So this festival is kind of like the pre-game. Think about how hardworking the people are. They slave away all day dreaming of an escape to paradise trying to make ends meet just to find glory.

This experience reminded me of a vacation, but at home because BILLS and the Just Over Broke. All my favorite music made me feel like I was at a family function, shout out to my Afro-Caribbeans. It was bliss.

It truly was like being in paradise…if only for a day.

Special shout out to…

The team behind the scenes at Passport Experience ATL for putting together this experience, The Remedy LLC for the invite  and their sponsors Akon Lighting Africa.

Make sure to check out a few photos below and see more on whycauseican.com.


Out on the Town: F1rst Take #FordATL


By now you should know I am a sucker for an amazing and memorable experience.

On Friday, July 17, I had the pleasure of enjoying date night with Hubby a little bit differently than we normally do. Normally, if we’re want to just chill and relax we may go for a drive around the city and bring it home to some Netflix and take out. This particular night we decided to enjoy a little cultivated experience with Ford being our maestro.


The Experience:

You “valet” your car and a Ford vehicle picks you up or you can test drive one that takes you to a secret location. We were chaffeured in a 2014 Expedition XL 😍

So you arrive at the location, greeted by two women dressed in red candy girl outfits complete with hats and enter a room with a candy bar and popcorn and really good nostalgic dance music…pretty much any music that’s played at a family reunion or a 25 and up club.


Several bars line the walls. DJ and MC on the stage. Two aerialists dangle from the ceiling. There isn’t a photobooth, instead, you get to create a flipbook, something like a gif in real form, complete with props.

There are passed hor d’oeuvres and the whole vibe is good and lively. Then a Ford chauffeurs you back to your vehicle.

My Reaction:

This event was excellent. Really fun and a different experience.

Kudos to Ford for this event and special shout out to the folks behind the scenes for bringing it together, especially I’na Saulsberry of The Starfire Group.

Favorite Part:


Check out photos from the event below and visit www.whycauseican.com for even more!

Eden Body Works presents #CelebrateMyBeauty 10 Year Anniversary co-hosted by @heyfranhey


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Eden Body Works at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta with my fellow kinky, curly girls. The event was filled with all kinds of curl patterns: afros, twist outs, short ‘dos, long ‘do, big ‘dos, and small ‘dos.

We were treated to some very delicious foods like key lime shooters, peanut chicken skewers, and honey glazed braised wings (yes, they were finger licking and no, I had no shame).

Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta

We met Jasmine Lawrence, THE MOST INSPIRING WOMAN EVER! Who happens to not only be the founder of Eden Body Works, but is a 23 year old Georgia Native hailing from Georgia Tech who holds a full time job at Microsoft…as a program manager on the Xbox One Engineering Team (insert gasps here). She shared her story of how and why she created Eden Body Works, which we were all able to connect to. She started Eden Body Works out of the need to create better products for her hair. After having a traumatic experience with relaxers at a young age, she made the decision to take the experience into her own hands and hand make her own products. Fast forward 10 years later and her hand made products are being distributed in Target, Walgreens, Wal-mart, and the like. Not only was she inspiring, but she had an amazing spirit and was so great to talk to!

Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta- Hey Fran Hey

The event was also co-hosted by celebrated natural hair and beauty blogger, Francheska of HeyFranHey.com. I personally binge watch her videos on YouTube at least once a month. She gives natural beauty a totally new meaning when you get the chance to meet her in person. She is literally perfection personified…(having a stan moment…hold please). I was so excited to meet her and tell her how awesome she was and of course get a great photo out of the deal too!

The event continued with complimentary services like reiki massages, hair consultations, manicures, and make overs provided by one of my favorite makeup artists, Alexandra Butler.


Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta-products 1

I capped off my night chatting with some of my favorite curlies and scoring free Eden Body Works loot. If you’ve ever paid full price for all natural beauty products, you already know how my cousins acted when Jasmine made the announcement to take home some loot…let’s just say it was just short of a riotous adventure.

Many congrats and success to Eden Body Works to another 10 years and more! And much success to Fran and all of the other vendors that made our night super special!

Check out pics from the event below!

Women In PR: Relax and Rejuvenate Event


Women in PR event

This past Sunday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Arkeedah McCormick’s Women In PR: Relax & Rejuvenate event hosted at My Fair Sweets in Atlanta, GA. It was filled with amazing women in the public relations and experiential industry who really wanted to come together for great networking and pampering. The event also doubled as the book signing for Nicole Garner’s Are You In? Inc: PR’s Alter Ego and Arkeedah’s How to Start A Blog: 10 Essential Steps You Need to Know.

I had an amazing time eating the delicious sweets of My Fair Sweets. I had the banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake…to be fair, I split half with hubby and they were pretty darn good! I also got a mini-massage and my nails did. Not to mention very inspiring conversations from some new faces. Check out some of the pics from the event!