Inspired Adventures: Frolicking in Savannah

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A couple of weeks ago, I roadtripped to Savannah for the weekend with some of my dearest friends…let me remind you that is was for St. Patrick’s Day. Would you believe that I didn’t even drink any of the green beer? Crazy! I know!

What I love about Savannah is that it is full of history and character. There’s not a corner you can turn and not be met with something that tells you much about it’s heritage. From the statue of canons by the seaside, to the monikers sharing the battles, everything in Savannah has a story.

The first night we were there, we drove around the downtown area watching in awe how sloppy drunk people were getting. It was like our own live reality show…well…it was real life! The second day we spent time laughing and conversing with each other in an apartment we had rented from AirBnB (I absolutely recommend using it). That evening we went to the historic Leopold’s Ice Cream Parlor. Can you believe it’s been around since 1919? I tried a few of the flavors, but the one’s that made me tingle was the lemon custard and the chocolate chewies and cream! I’m still in heaven from the taste of it!

We finished the first night with a few slices of Sweet Melissa’s pizza and a dance party right in the middle of the square. Have you ever seen Step Up…1-15? Yup. That was us in the middle of the square challenging all who dared to a dance battle…that was until the cops showed up.

Nonetheless. I enjoyed my time getting closer to my friends and making lasting memories that I know we will be talking about for a while. As I wrote in Revved Up this week, roadtrips are an amazing way to get out of the house without having to break the bank whether you are going far on a vacation or closer on a staycation.

Savannah offered me soooooooooo much with their history and heritage, libations and laughs. If you’ve never been, a few things you HAVE to check out while you’re there:

Paula Deen’s, The Lady and Sons Restaurant- we didn’t get to go because they were BOOKED!

Sweet Melissa‘s- some of the biggest slices of pizza I’ve ever had for a mere $3.50

Leopold’s Ice Cream Parlor– because…ole fashioned made ice cream

The squares- Savannah has a lot of them and all of them are filled with history

The Riverside and Savannah River- we didn’t get to go this trip because of time constraints, but when I went over a decade ago there were plenty of awesome shops, restaurants, and boutiques to check out!

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