Inspired Adventures: 7 Must Take Pics While on Vacation


You know what taking a vacation does? It makes you want to go on more and more vacations! Lol! No seriously, taking a vacation is the perfect time to get that much needed break, rest, rejuvenation that you have been wanting for like ever! For me, my vacation was about two years in the making. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing some traveling over the last couple of years, but they were all about business. There was limited time reserved for play, so this vacation was the epitome of NEEDED!

Anyways, while on my cruise I noticed that there are some MUST TAKE PICS that you HAVE to do when ever you go on vacation…or honestly these could be your must take pics for the summer! Check them out!


The “I’m on a boat b**ch” selfie

SOA Inspired

What I ate

Atlantic Salmon with dijon mustard vinaigrette on Royal Caribbean

Sandy feet

Sandy feet | SOA Inspired

Picturesque view of the ocean

SOA Inspired

Sunset at sea

Sunset at Sea | SOA Inspired

Hammock Living

Hammock Living | SOA Inspired

We’re heeerrreeee!

SOA in the Bahamas

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