Style-spiration: Love What You Do


I’m a natural born talker. I enjoy talking to people and hearing about their background stories. Conversations are my favorite past time. It is the love of stories that I built my business on.

Style-spiration-Love What You Do-titleToday, I have a speaking gig. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m playing it cool by tricking my mind into thinking that I’m more prepared than I feel like I am. A part of me has always wanted to speak in front of crowds and have candid conversations with strangers.

When the opportunity came to speak at Southwired — formerly Digital Atlanta, is one of the Southeast’s largest and longest running digital conferences starring the country’s top innovators. Hosted in Atlanta each year, the five day brain exchange features the biggest innovators in digital technology and media – giving attendees all access to best practices, industry trends and next gen breakthroughs (website)– I knew that I wanted to be a part of it to exercise my public speaking chops as well as market myself as an innovator in branding and digital marketing.


Style-spiration-Love What You Do-quote via SOAinspired

To me this is a huge check mark on my list of accomplishments this year. It’s a testament to being able to do the things that I love. As the year winds down, so many of the conversations I’ve over heard or have been a part of have been about revisiting everything that we’ve been through, accomplished, and dealt with in the past year…personally.

I have to honestly say that this has been the year where the love of what I do + my determination and work ethic + my unapologetic belief in myself are all starting to come together. I believe this has been the year where loving what I do motivates me to continue to do what I love.

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Have you experienced that moment? That moment when you catch yourself in the middle of executing your dream to realize that you actually LOVE what you do and wouldn’t trade any of it in the world? Not the loss of the sleep. Not the rejection. Not the opportunities for the 9 to 5. Not the employer for employee. Not the influence or access or thought leadership. I’m there. In the middle of creating and planning events, hosting and speaking, consulting and mentoring, I realized that I truly truly love what I do and that’s the only way to be able to do what you love.

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Eden Body Works presents #CelebrateMyBeauty 10 Year Anniversary co-hosted by @heyfranhey


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Eden Body Works at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta with my fellow kinky, curly girls. The event was filled with all kinds of curl patterns: afros, twist outs, short ‘dos, long ‘do, big ‘dos, and small ‘dos.

We were treated to some very delicious foods like key lime shooters, peanut chicken skewers, and honey glazed braised wings (yes, they were finger licking and no, I had no shame).

Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta

We met Jasmine Lawrence, THE MOST INSPIRING WOMAN EVER! Who happens to not only be the founder of Eden Body Works, but is a 23 year old Georgia Native hailing from Georgia Tech who holds a full time job at Microsoft…as a program manager on the Xbox One Engineering Team (insert gasps here). She shared her story of how and why she created Eden Body Works, which we were all able to connect to. She started Eden Body Works out of the need to create better products for her hair. After having a traumatic experience with relaxers at a young age, she made the decision to take the experience into her own hands and hand make her own products. Fast forward 10 years later and her hand made products are being distributed in Target, Walgreens, Wal-mart, and the like. Not only was she inspiring, but she had an amazing spirit and was so great to talk to!

Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta- Hey Fran Hey

The event was also co-hosted by celebrated natural hair and beauty blogger, Francheska of I personally binge watch her videos on YouTube at least once a month. She gives natural beauty a totally new meaning when you get the chance to meet her in person. She is literally perfection personified…(having a stan moment…hold please). I was so excited to meet her and tell her how awesome she was and of course get a great photo out of the deal too!

The event continued with complimentary services like reiki massages, hair consultations, manicures, and make overs provided by one of my favorite makeup artists, Alexandra Butler.


Celebrate My Beauty- Eden Body Works event in Atlanta-products 1

I capped off my night chatting with some of my favorite curlies and scoring free Eden Body Works loot. If you’ve ever paid full price for all natural beauty products, you already know how my cousins acted when Jasmine made the announcement to take home some loot…let’s just say it was just short of a riotous adventure.

Many congrats and success to Eden Body Works to another 10 years and more! And much success to Fran and all of the other vendors that made our night super special!

Check out pics from the event below!

10 Things I Learned From My Makeup Box


Recently, like most people, I’ve been on a Spring Cleaning adventure. I’ve been cleaning and organizing just about everything, from the files on my computer, to pictures on my phone to of course make sure the house is neat and tidy. I finally took sometime to clean out my makeup box after a random rash breakout. When I say it was time to clean out that makeup box! It. was. time. to clean that. makeup. box!! But what was interesting was that as I cleaned and trashed my old makeup staples, I began to see myself in each tube of lipgloss, each container of blush, and definitely in my foundation. Check out what I learned below!


10 Things I Learned From My Makeup Box

1. I have a love affair with lip gloss. Remember when you were a little girl how you constantly begged your mother to buy you those LipSmackers lip glosses that tasted like candy? Well, I kind of brought that into my adulthood, but instead of candy flavored lip gloss…it was candy colored *cringes*.

2. I like color even though I don’t wear it. I have a Sephora eye shadow palette as well as an ELF eye shadow palette…my go to eyeshadow colors are gold, brownish gold, charcoal, and goldish pink…I should really explore the other 99 colors in those palettes.

3. Too many samples, not enough staples. “Hey! You want this free sample?” But when it runs out it’s like “Hey! You want th….oh :(”

4. You can never have too much  black eyeliner. *in Bubba Gump voice* Milani Easyliner in black, Ulta Gel liner in blackout, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, Rimmel liquid eyeliner

5. My brows have evolved. No more Chola brows for me. I discovered Milani’s Browfix Browkit. My brows is a grown wohmahn…but they will NOT do whatever they want.

6. Brush it! Brush it real good! When I started adding better and better brushes to my kit….Whew! My face became a work of art!

"I feel like I became a woman when I learned to properly apply red lipstick" -@soainspired[Milani Easyliner for Lips in Sugar Plum + Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Backstage]

7. I transitioned from little girl to lady in a tube of lipstick. I feel like I became a woman when I learned how to properly apply red lipstick.

8. Rogue rouge. I don’t know what it is, but the right tint of blush will make your face go from eh? to Hey!

9. I love my golden brown skin. I would prefer to not have to wear foundation, but I love that my bareMinerals is the perfect shade for my skin and it is so light, I forget I wear it. It really highlights the golden tones in my skin…funny when you like something you really do become a walking advertisement. Ha!

10. Makeup really is fun. No seriously. It is. Many of my friends have asked how I learned how to put on my makeup and I simply tell them, I just practice and have also helps to consult with a makeup artist you trust to teach you some industry tricks…Pinterest also helps too!

Have you started your beauty spring cleaning regime? What have you learned about yourself while doing it?