Out on the Town: #PXPFest brought me home (#growingupforeign)

I am Jamafrimerican…

My mother is Jamaican and my father is Nigerian. My Step father and baby brother  are of Sierra Leone descent. My other brother and I are truly first American born citizens. While everyone is talking about what it was like to #growupblack, I’m sitting here thinking about what it was like to #growupforeign. More on that later.

Every celebration required plenty of Guinness and or Heineken and the music will literally have you dancing the night away. Where gospel songs had the same beat as the ratchet songs, but it was often hard to differentiate the two while dancing. My mom’s wedding reception lasted over 12 hours. Foreigners know how to party!

Trying to explain to Hubby my deeply rooted love for this music can only be explained through dance.

This past weekend, I got the chance to enjoy a cultural experience that took me back to my youth with house parties filled with the thumping beats of Afro-Caribbean music.

The Passport Experience:

Created by renowned DJ Fully Focus, PXPFest aims to unite music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta, a city whose boasts the 11th highest foreign-born population in the country at nearly 725,000.What makes PXP Fest unique is that everyone belongs here, and we’re all equal,” says Fully Focus. “We celebrate diversity & cultural pride. Nowhere else can you get all your favorite genres on one stage. It’s been tailored for the open-minded music fan. It’s a place where you can bring your diverse circle of friends & family and there’s something for everyone. It’s the only place where you get to travel the world without a visa & the only limitation is your imagination.”

What’s particularly special is it’s philanthopic initiative:

PXPFest is also offering attendees the opportunity to make a lasting difference through their participation in the event: a portion of each ticket sold will contribute to Akon Lighting Africa, the Konvict Music boss’ solar power initiative working to bring electricity to 25 countries by 2016.

The Experience:

So we get to the gates of Centennial and you can feel the chill international vibes. Music is BLASTING. I would say I feel sorry for the businesses and residences within a 5 mile radius of Centennial, but I don’t. #sorrynotsorry

This experience was RIGHT on time! It’s like the world needs a MASSIVE BLUNT and they got it in Atlanta. Really wish everyone would just chill the f-ck out! You’d have to truly be a hater to not enjoy yourself here.

It was everything I could ask for, and yes I’m biased to a series of things, but it really was a unique music and cultural experience that united music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta

So here are my actual reactions:

Wait! Did it go from Mama Africa. Whisp around for some Bollywood. Side track to the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Take you to New York and then bring it home to Atlanta? Bitch Am I On Vacation?

Eat. Pray. Twerk.

I can’t make my hips stop moving!

And what’s funny is that a vacation is right around the corner. So this festival is kind of like the pre-game. Think about how hardworking the people are. They slave away all day dreaming of an escape to paradise trying to make ends meet just to find glory.

This experience reminded me of a vacation, but at home because BILLS and the Just Over Broke. All my favorite music made me feel like I was at a family function, shout out to my Afro-Caribbeans. It was bliss.

It truly was like being in paradise…if only for a day.

Special shout out to…

The team behind the scenes at Passport Experience ATL for putting together this experience, The Remedy LLC for the invite  and their sponsors Akon Lighting Africa.

Make sure to check out a few photos below and see more on whycauseican.com.


Out on the Town: F1rst Take #FordATL


By now you should know I am a sucker for an amazing and memorable experience.

On Friday, July 17, I had the pleasure of enjoying date night with Hubby a little bit differently than we normally do. Normally, if we’re want to just chill and relax we may go for a drive around the city and bring it home to some Netflix and take out. This particular night we decided to enjoy a little cultivated experience with Ford being our maestro.


The Experience:

You “valet” your car and a Ford vehicle picks you up or you can test drive one that takes you to a secret location. We were chaffeured in a 2014 Expedition XL 😍

So you arrive at the location, greeted by two women dressed in red candy girl outfits complete with hats and enter a room with a candy bar and popcorn and really good nostalgic dance music…pretty much any music that’s played at a family reunion or a 25 and up club.


Several bars line the walls. DJ and MC on the stage. Two aerialists dangle from the ceiling. There isn’t a photobooth, instead, you get to create a flipbook, something like a gif in real form, complete with props.

There are passed hor d’oeuvres and the whole vibe is good and lively. Then a Ford chauffeurs you back to your vehicle.

My Reaction:

This event was excellent. Really fun and a different experience.

Kudos to Ford for this event and special shout out to the folks behind the scenes for bringing it together, especially I’na Saulsberry of The Starfire Group.

Favorite Part:


Check out photos from the event below and visit www.whycauseican.com for even more!

Out on the Town: #GlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepover


Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to attend the first ever Glam University Girl Power Sleepover hosted by Sabrina Peterson of The Glam Bar.

Glam University is a business bootcamp that allows women to learn fundamental skills and strategies to transform their business ideas into established brands that will fuel the economy, propel the community and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

The “GirlPower SleepOver” featured a “Business: A-Z” class taught by Sabrina Peterson, a vision board party powered by Upscale  Magazine and sleeping beauty packets compliments of  Beautiful Textures hosted by the ladies behind Ladies Who Brunch ATL.

Attendees also enjoyed intimate experiential learning at the “sleepover sessions” with business experts including Tionna Smalls (Author, Life Coach, VH1’s  “What Chilli Wants”); Ericka Dotson (CEO of Indique); and Kachelle Kelly (Author & Self Publishing Guru of series “Boss Women Pray”) and more all wrapped in a slumber party experience.

I was fortunate to enjoy many of the welcome activities including opportunities to network and meet some of the players behind the scenes of making this event a fabulous one. Listening to the stories of some of these amazing women, I wanted to ask them two simple questions:

“What is your definition of girl power and if you had a super power, what would it be?”

Here is how they responded:

On girl power:

“I would define girl power as recognizing who you are and knowing that you can have other people around you to foster that and bring it out of you without it being a competitive edge or being scared about it. But just to say that I respect your hustle, I respect what you’re doing. I’ve been there, it’s not easy and I’m here to support you. And to have that power that only girls can have.” – Kachelle Kelly, Author of Boss Women Pray

I define girl power as bringing girls together all over the world; not hating on any girl, motivating every single girl that you see, and smile at them. You never know if they’re having a down day or a sad day so smile at them, let them know they’re beautiful and encourage them. – Mz. Skittlez, Owner of Cupcake Mafia

Girl Power. Building each other up. I wish I had that 8 years ago. It would have been great because you have so many questions and you’re scared. Even though I don’t believe fear exists, but you’re scared. So talking to peers and friends who have been there and done that is so important.- Ericka Dotson, Owner of multi-million dollar hair brand Indique


On their superpower

If I had a superpower it would be to zap people to live their dreams. – Kachelle Kelly, Author of Boss Women Pray

If I had a superpower, it would be flying. If I could fly to wherever I could go and avoid the traffic in LA and in Atlanta. – Mz. Skittlez, Owner of Cupcake Mafia

If I had a superpower, it would be to take the negative energy out of everyone’s body. – Ericka Dotson, Owner of multi-million dollar hair brand Indique

The entire weekend was filled with plenty of knowledge, intimate conversations, and aha! moments. Attendees had the opportunity to gain expert advice in their pajamas…sounds like the perfect sleepover to me. I can’t wait until the next one and I hope Sabrina is successful in getting the #Girlboss herself to be a featured expert 😉

Check out photos from the event below!

FYI! The next “GirlPower SleepOver” will be held April 25th, 2015 in Atlanta. For more information regarding Glam University’s “GirlPower Sleep Over” visit http://www.GlamUniversity.org or follow the conversation on Twitter/ Instagram @TheGlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepOver .


Upcoming Event: @GlamUniversity presents #GirlPowerSleepover Powered by @UpscaleMagazine and Beautiful Textures (@lovinmytextures)


Glam University

Sabrina Peterson and her team at Glam University does it again! You remember when she hosted her last Glam University event in Atlanta…it was awesome and full of some really ambitious and inspiring women. Glam University takes the term “girl power” to a new level with their Girl Power SleepOver at the Aloft Hotel in Atlanta, GA this weekend – January 24th.

The Glam University Girl Power Sleepover is the ultimate entrepreneurial development experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with such dynamic women as:

Dawn Dickson | CEO OF FLAT OUT HEELS (as seen on MSNBC & The Profit)

Stormy Wellington | MLM Strategist & Millionaire Business Coach

Candice Haywood | CEO of My Fair Sweets

Miasha Coleman | Simon & Shuster Author & Owner of Rich Boys Clothing Line

Kachelle Kelly | Author & Self Publishing Guru of the”Boss Women Pray” series

Ericka Dotson | CEO of Indique Hair (Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Company

Nicole Garner | CEO of the Garner Circle PR & EntrepreneursIvyLeague.com

Jana Hicks | Director of Sprite P.O.U.R & Digital Branding Expert

Lisa Cunningham | CEO of Atlanta Film Partners

Shyneka Richardson | 107.9 radio veteran & founder of WORD ON THE STREETS.com

Jasmine Crowe | CEO of Black Celeb Giving & Non Profit Guru

Nikki Taylor | CEO of Taylor Management | Mother of Teyana Taylor

Karli Harvey | Steve Harvey’s Daughter

Ebonie Ward | Owner of  FlyChix

Brittni Mealy | Owner of Pop Of Junk Boutique 

Chanita Foster | CEO of Kandi Burruss Cares Foundation and Beyond The Game

to name a few.


The winter edition of Glam University’s “GirlPower SleepOver” is powered by Upscale Magazine and Beautiful Textures Hair Care. Guests will be privy to a wealth of knowledge in a setting that calls for pajamas, journals, goal-setting, accountability and tons of girl power. Highlights of the event include an A-Z business bootcamp led by Glam University founder, Sabrina Peterson, a vision board party led by Ladies Who Brunch and a unique one-on-one experiential learning workshop with the Top Twenty Five Glam University experts.

The event is January 24-25 at the Aloft Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at www.GlamUniversity.org or follow the conversation on Twitter/ Instagram @TheGlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepOver

Sabrina Peterson hosts 2nd #GlamUniversity Business Bootcamp for Female Entrepreneurs

This past Saturday, personal development mentor and fearless entrepreneur, Sabrina Peterson, held her second Glam University Business Boot Camp for female entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia. This unconventional business boot camp was created for entrepreneurs looking to create a successful brand.
Glam University

The informative and intense six hour program featured guest speakers such as Sabrina Peterson owner of top hair salon, Glambar, seen in Elle Magazine, Forbes.com among others; Karli Harvey of the Steve Harvey Foundation and production team; top attorney Christine White; brand development guru Chivon Ferguson of Pretty Girl Problems; Eric Rivera, CEO of Transparency, LLC; and Ericka Dotson CEO of Indique Hair – who shared how she made $16 million this year. The intensive was also live streamed for students across the nation, that were not able to attend this super informative event.
Glam University
Upon entering Glam University, ‘students’ were greeted with the signature Glam University “Unexpected Rose” cocktail made with natural ingredients provided byUnique Syrups. As they walked in, a Glam University assistant escorted each lady to her designated seat, which had personalized Glam U notebooks, pencils, pens and Sabrina’s latest business handbook: Recipe to Getting Rich as Fxxk. Fruit infused water was found at every table, as well as a box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries. As the program unfolded, the ladies teamed up for Sabrina’s exciting exercises and diligently took notes, highlighting key points that the guest speakers made.
custom cupcakes from My Fair Sweets at Glam University
By 6pm, Food Network’s Chopped winner, Chef Sammy Davis, served an amazing lobster dinner…I don’t even eat lobster…but I considered eating it that day, and guests were able to snack on delicious baked treats such as mini cupcakes and signature Glam U “smart cookie” sugar cookies, provided by My Fair Sweets.
As the program concluded, guests received gourmet white chocolate strawberry popcorn provided by Atlanta Pink Popcorn, as well as a gift bag full of hair care products from top hair care lines such as Miss Jessie’s, ORS and Cream of Nature.
“I am so proud of each of my students for entrusting me to lead them on their business journey as a successful entrepreneur. Glam University would not be what it has grown to be without each of these ladies desire to want to grow and build as leaders. I am looking forward to what the next Glam University has to offer,” Sabrina states.
Glam University will be gearing up for their next installment soon! To find out more information please go to their website: www.glamuniversity.org

I Got My Life at Oprah’s #LifeYouWantATL!! and @Bounty shows us how to #BringIt with the Power Meet Up Breakfast!


This past weekend, Mama Oprah graced us with her presence as she made her first stop of her highly anticipated eight city US arena, Life You Want Tour, in Atlanta.The experience started off with the O Town Experience in the middle of Centennial Olympic Park.Upon entering, we were asked to register and received a bracelet specific to the OTown Experience in which a chip was embedded into the bracelet so that upon tapping the bracelet to a device, we would receive information about discounts, offers, and news from that sponsor.

The O Town Experience was filled with interactive stations, activities, and engagements with their sponsors: Kroger, Bounty, Olay, Pantene, Tide, Charmin, Crest, Covergirl, Ikea, and Toyota. Each tent had its own way of engaging all of the attendees in a special way.

Oprah's The Life You Want O Town Experience Atlanta

On Friday, media and influencers were invited by The Garner Circle PR to the ‘Life You Want’ Breakfast and Power Meet Up hosted by Bounty and featuring panelists Carla Hall – Celebrity Chef, host at The Chew and author, Karmetria Burton – Supplier Diversity at Delta Airlines and Nicole Jones – co-founder of HONESTY- a line of exquisite, hand-crafted fashion accessories.

Photo credit: Joey Levine for The Garner Circle PR

Photo credit: Joey Levine for The Garner Circle PR

They discussed their individual journeys to finding their career path and how they chose to #bringit! The Bounty Reinvention tent had a beautifully designed media lounge area, an area where we shared what made us the happiest, and a wall where we could share how we BRING IT!

How do you Bring IT?

We got a first peak of the OTown Experience presented by sponsors Toyota, P&G, Ikea, and O Magazine. Outside of the weather further telling us why Atlanta is Hotlanta, the O Town Experience was QUITE the experience and a great way to prepare us for the awesomeness that ensued during the seminars!

If the O Town Experience was your favorite appetizer, the actual event was like the best meal you’ve ever had. Friday night was dedicated to Lady O and how she started to live the life she wanted. As we waited for her to grace us with her amazingness, we had fun trying to catch our tweets and ‘grams on their jumbo digital screen flanking the stage. (<— event producer speak) When showtime hit, the entire arena went dark and the screen displayed a graphic of constellations and stars. Oprah began her monologue expressing how we are all made of stars. As she started, all of the white translucent bracelets that each attendee received began to illuminate along with the colors of the graphic further enthralling us in the monologue.

Oprah's The Life You Want Tour Atlanta

As Oprah continued, she shared with us the rising of the sun and how we receive our power from it. As her speech came to a close, the lights began to get brighter and the bracelets continued to twinkle in unison, Mama Oprah rose from beneath the stage and finished with a resounding, “AND STILL I RISE!” The entire arena erupted in thunderous applause welcoming Oprah to Atlanta’s Philips Arena. IT. WAS. EVERYTHING!

Saturday featured a host of seminars curated by some of our favorite Oprah Trailblazers including Deepak Chopra…which I totally walked passed and didn’t know because he blended with the crowd so darn well! Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat. Pray. Love discussed her quest to living the life she wanted. Rob Bell discussed how everything is spiritual and Iyanla Vanzant blessed us with a sermon about life!

Iyanla Vanzant at #LifeYouWantATLYou already know that I am all about an amazing experience! If ever there was someone who could truly provide you with one that you will remember for the rest of your life…and isn’t Beyonce…it would be Oprah and her amazing, creative, and talented team!

Check out more pics from Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour Atlanta!

Very very very special thank you to The Garner Circle PR for the O Town Experience invite and exclusive access to the Power Meet-up hosted by Bounty and Arkeedah McCormick of It’s Arkeedah for not only being my date but providing me with the opportunity to be a part of the experience of a lifetime!


Style-spiration: Bright


I wore this outfit several weeks ago when my mother dragged me to a wedding for one of her mentees. It was something I literally threw together.

Style-spiration: Bright via SOAinspired

Sometimes I feel like that’s what the universe does to us. It just kind of throws things in the mix for us to sort them out and make sense of it. The folks who have learned and grown to appreciate it become better able to take whatever it is the universe has thrown at them and turn it into opportunities, lessons, growth. For them, no matter how crazy things may seem, the future is ALWAYS bright!

Style-spiration: Bright quote via SOAinspired

That’s where I want to be. I can’t say that I am fully there because you know…I’m human. And I can’t say that every time the universe decides to throw in a paisley scarf, plaid skirt, and orange top that I’m going to agree that it goes together, but some where in there, it just works.

Style-spiration: Bright outfit deets via SOAinspired

The universe is funny like that. You’ll go years, months, days wondering why karma is picking on you and asking yourself what you did to deserve it, not realizing that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens to make you greater. Everything happens to make the future brighter.