Candid Conversations [with Female Entrepreneurs]


Candid Conversations

Atlanta is a town known for its cultivation of entrepreneurship. We’ve not only had some major brands get started here, but every year we attract more and more major and start-up companies wanting to make their mark in our town. With as many entrepreneurs as this city curates, we seldom get the opportunity to discuss or network with entrepreneurs of the female variety…unless thy name is Sara Blakely of Spanx.

On Wednesday, February 26, Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle PR and creator of the Entrepreneurs Ivy League along with Shanti Das, creator of The Hip Hop Professional and author of The 123s of Networking created such an event that brought together established female entrepreneurs with up and coming female entrepreneurs for a night of empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration.

This particular edition, being their fourth, featured some amazing women doing great things not just in Atlanta, but nationally and soon globally. We were delighted with words from Tahira Wright, creator of The Cut Life; Ericka Dotson founder of Indique Hair; Arkeedah McCormick, lifestyle blogger and author of How to Start a Blog: 10 Essential Steps You Need to Know; and Joi Mebane, brow and beauty expert and author of The Glam Executive: Everything You Need to Know To Open Your Own Beauty Business

The event was hosted at Indique Hair located in the trendy Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta with cocktails sponsored by Voscato.

Our night began with a networking game in which we had to get to know five new people who work a different colored entry band than us. I loved this game, the thing I’ve realized at networking events is that NO ONE WANTS TO NETWORK! People sit in the corner or float around the food/ beverage table and then when they are approached provide some half interested conversation about something they claim to be doing. It’s so boring. With this “game” we were encouraged to play, you got the opportunity to really meet some new people…it also helped that Nicole was calling people out that she knew already knew each other. Lol!

The night continued with the panel discussion where I got some incredible nuggets of knowledge:


“Don’t give up. Keep wearing those hats because it’ll pay off.” -Ericka Dotson, now worth $15 million…(spelled with a million)

“The follow through is so important. Follow through is so key when it comes to getting yourself out there. Set the standards of how you want things done in your business.” – Shanti Das

“If you’re spending 80% of your time doing something that only has a 20% return, it’s time to outsource. Ask yourself if you’re saving money doing it yourself or wasting money trying to do it yourself.” -Nicole Garner

“Get out there and work. When people didn’t know my name, I went out there to make sure they knew my name. Just be persistent.” -Arkeedah McCormick

The event was capped off by a Voscato toast to “the dreamers, thinkers, and doers!” Check some of the pics from the event!



Women In PR: Relax and Rejuvenate Event


Women in PR event

This past Sunday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Arkeedah McCormick’s Women In PR: Relax & Rejuvenate event hosted at My Fair Sweets in Atlanta, GA. It was filled with amazing women in the public relations and experiential industry who really wanted to come together for great networking and pampering. The event also doubled as the book signing for Nicole Garner’s Are You In? Inc: PR’s Alter Ego and Arkeedah’s How to Start A Blog: 10 Essential Steps You Need to Know.

I had an amazing time eating the delicious sweets of My Fair Sweets. I had the banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake…to be fair, I split half with hubby and they were pretty darn good! I also got a mini-massage and my nails did. Not to mention very inspiring conversations from some new faces. Check out some of the pics from the event!