Inspired Thoughts: What Drives You?


What drives you?

What is the mantra by which you live your day-to-day life? What is it that pushes you to do one last thing on your daily to do list? What opportunities are you being open for? What strides are you making to accomplish your goals? What history are you making?

It’s been a minute since I last wrote here…over two months to be exact. And it’s not necessarily that I haven’t had anything to write about or that my life has been boring, quite the opposite actually.

I’ve accomplished more in the last two months personally and professional than some years combined. (more to blog soon)

Since February 14th, I’ve got an apprentice. She doubles as my assistant, but feels like a baby step sister…. I’ve managed a major and historical event in Alabama, experienced SxSW, and took my company bi-coastal to Hollywood. I’ve met civil rights leaders, been in the same room with a president, and partied with rappers, not to mention the extremely inspiring and motivating people who I’ve come across.


Before this year came in, I set my intention to earn my success abundantly and have the energy, focus, insight, support, and assistance to receive it. I was driven by the need to grow my business and experience growth in myself. I want to look back a year from now and know without a doubt that all the seeds I planted, all the plants I watered, all the prayers I’ve prayed and all the relationships I cultivated moved me even closer to my overall goals. That they returned back to me bountifully.

What’s been driving me? The opportunity to receive bigger and better opportunities that will not only help me but will help all the people in my life. What drives me is being able to truly hire my apprentice and to pick up the check at dinner and to pay all my bills with more than plenty left over…to be able to take an amazing adventure with my husband and not worry about being able to afford it. What drives me is to be able to tell my mom she doesn’t have to work every day if she doesn’t want to. I’m driven by being a blessing to others and inspiring them to bless others.

What drives you?

Your answer to that will determine your future.

What drives you-soa-quote


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