Inspired Thoughts: On Love



Inspired Thoughts-On Love via SoaInspiredIt’s so interesting how my thoughts on love have both changed and stayed the same since getting married and focusing on a happy marriage.

I’ve always known I was the marrying kind. I don’t trust people much and I hate the feeling of my time is being wasted especially when it involves something as intimate as being in love.

To me love isn’t just something you say to fill the void or because you feel like you have to. If you truly love someone, you want to do everything you can to honor and cherish them. The things we do for love is crazy and uncanny. We will go to the ends of the Earth just to prove to the one we love that we love them, but pretty much tell anyone that we love them.

When Hubby and I took this photo as a means to accomplishing getting updated portraits that weren’t taken via a cell phone, it was “oh! this should be fun!” The sequin “W” I got from Brownstone Closets just seemed to make sense as we were taking the photo.

Inspired Thoughts- On Love quote via SOAinspiredIt wasn’t until I got this photo back that it seemed so much more impactful to me. Hubby and I have been together for about 13 years. We’ve been in each others’ lives all of our adult life. Through these years, we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way about love and that is you should express in meaningfully everyday.

As everyone plans on spending their day, the 14th of February, celebrating what is branded as Valentine’s Day, I want to spend it celebrating love…in general. Being a couple that’s been together for over a decade, February 14th starts to become the 6th day after my birthday. Every day we celebrate each other…or at least we try.

I feel like he is the Jay to my Bey (or whoever is your favorite couple), if you don’t feel like that in your relationship, then maybe you do need Valentine’s Day to feel special.  Love doesn’t care if you celebrate it on February 14th or April the 12th. Love only cares that you acknowledge it and feel it. That’s it. And if you follow those rules then you are winning in this game of love.

I could say the “W” above stands for The Whites. I could say it stands for Wisdom. But right now, it stands for winning. Winning in Love.

Bey to JayI want to give a very very very very special thank you to my photographer Megan Alodie for capturing such amazing moments for us to cherish. Thank you to Brownstone Closet for this beautiful sequin “W” that we love so much. Thank you to my makeup artist Jauntel for making me look and feel beautiful during this shoot. And thank you to Hubby for allowing me to be weird and for loving me for me every day.



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