#SoaAfterDark: 10 Ways to Turn Her On


10 Ways to Turn Her On via SoaInspired

With Fifty Shades of Grey opening in theaters today plus Valentine’s Day on Saturday, it seems like the love and sex talk has gone up substantially…or maybe it’s just me. I’ve always wanted to be a sex therapist. I think it’s important for us to not only know ourselves intimately, but to also know our partner intimately. (#confession) I’ve toiled back and forth with myself about whether or not to post more “adult” content, but at the end of the day…we’re all adults here. And a little dirty talk ain’t hurt no body!

I’ll admit as a woman, I’m kind of complex when it comes to being turned on. You have to stimulate my mind before you can even attempt to stimulate my body…and if you’re inauthentic, I’ll be even less turned on. Am I right? Pretty sure it’s the sapiosexual in me. My husband knows me and knows this about me. We’ve pretty much been together all of our adult lives. He gets it…but I had to teach him and he had to get to know me. So, in honor of my husband and sex and V-day, I want to help the ladies tell their boos how to turn them on so that when you’re doing the do, he’s not the only one “arriving.”

Fifty Shades of Grey 

10 Ways to Turn Her On

  1. Talk to her (because you really don’t do it enough)
  2. Figure our her love language and do that. Do yourself a favor and listen to or read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s very insightful.
  3. Prolong the foreplay. Delayed gratification makes for a very exciting release.
  4. Surprise her with something unexpected. Taking a note from #2, my love language is acts of services, it is the premise my business is built on. When hubby cleaned up the kitchen or cooked dinner for me with out me having to ask him to…he got a real nice surprise for dessert.
  5. Compliment her. Because who doesn’t want to hear great things about themselves.
  6. Random hugs and lasting kisses. Especially if she had a long day or you can tell she’s not feeling it.
  7. Get weird. There is something about really being yourself in front of the person you love and trust most. Show her that she’s not in the weird/awkward boat by herself and let her see the real, goofy you.
  8. Involve her in something in your life. Love sports? Take her to a (non-season) game. Enjoy cars. Rent one and take her for a drive. Music your thing? Ask her to help you create a song. It’s the fact that you are letting her in to your world that she becomes more attracted to you.
  9. Put the phone down and give her your undivided attention. SELF. EXPLANATORY!
  10. Profess your undying love for her. Again, Disney brought us up. Be her Prince Charming.

But we can’t leave the guys out on this one…we don’t want to be selfish. Check out 5 ways to turn HIM on!

  1. Suggest sex
  2. Surprise him with oral
  3. Have sex
  4. Listen to his hopes and dreams
  5. Let him take the lead without giving him “advice,” “complaining,” or “nagging”
  6. Bonus! SEX!

Guys are so much simpler than we are!

Have you checked out Fifty Shades of Grey? I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to go see it. And no, I didn’t read the books. What did you like? Was it good or overrated? Let me know!


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