Out on the Town: #GlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepover


Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to attend the first ever Glam University Girl Power Sleepover hosted by Sabrina Peterson of The Glam Bar.

Glam University is a business bootcamp that allows women to learn fundamental skills and strategies to transform their business ideas into established brands that will fuel the economy, propel the community and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

The “GirlPower SleepOver” featured a “Business: A-Z” class taught by Sabrina Peterson, a vision board party powered by Upscale  Magazine and sleeping beauty packets compliments of  Beautiful Textures hosted by the ladies behind Ladies Who Brunch ATL.

Attendees also enjoyed intimate experiential learning at the “sleepover sessions” with business experts including Tionna Smalls (Author, Life Coach, VH1’s  “What Chilli Wants”); Ericka Dotson (CEO of Indique); and Kachelle Kelly (Author & Self Publishing Guru of series “Boss Women Pray”) and more all wrapped in a slumber party experience.

I was fortunate to enjoy many of the welcome activities including opportunities to network and meet some of the players behind the scenes of making this event a fabulous one. Listening to the stories of some of these amazing women, I wanted to ask them two simple questions:

“What is your definition of girl power and if you had a super power, what would it be?”

Here is how they responded:

On girl power:

“I would define girl power as recognizing who you are and knowing that you can have other people around you to foster that and bring it out of you without it being a competitive edge or being scared about it. But just to say that I respect your hustle, I respect what you’re doing. I’ve been there, it’s not easy and I’m here to support you. And to have that power that only girls can have.” – Kachelle Kelly, Author of Boss Women Pray

I define girl power as bringing girls together all over the world; not hating on any girl, motivating every single girl that you see, and smile at them. You never know if they’re having a down day or a sad day so smile at them, let them know they’re beautiful and encourage them. – Mz. Skittlez, Owner of Cupcake Mafia

Girl Power. Building each other up. I wish I had that 8 years ago. It would have been great because you have so many questions and you’re scared. Even though I don’t believe fear exists, but you’re scared. So talking to peers and friends who have been there and done that is so important.- Ericka Dotson, Owner of multi-million dollar hair brand Indique


On their superpower

If I had a superpower it would be to zap people to live their dreams. – Kachelle Kelly, Author of Boss Women Pray

If I had a superpower, it would be flying. If I could fly to wherever I could go and avoid the traffic in LA and in Atlanta. – Mz. Skittlez, Owner of Cupcake Mafia

If I had a superpower, it would be to take the negative energy out of everyone’s body. – Ericka Dotson, Owner of multi-million dollar hair brand Indique

The entire weekend was filled with plenty of knowledge, intimate conversations, and aha! moments. Attendees had the opportunity to gain expert advice in their pajamas…sounds like the perfect sleepover to me. I can’t wait until the next one and I hope Sabrina is successful in getting the #Girlboss herself to be a featured expert 😉

Check out photos from the event below!

FYI! The next “GirlPower SleepOver” will be held April 25th, 2015 in Atlanta. For more information regarding Glam University’s “GirlPower Sleep Over” visit http://www.GlamUniversity.org or follow the conversation on Twitter/ Instagram @TheGlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepOver .



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