Inspired Thoughts: A Letter to my Mother in Law


Hi! Remember me?

I know. It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy watching the social experiment that is life unfold. Over the course of the last quarter of 2014, I’ve done more as a budding business owner and entrepreneur than I have in the last couple of years. I’ve created beautiful and glamorous events, met some amazing people, and really started to feel like the 4+ years of work is beginning to pay off…even if a little bit.

As 2014 closed, I was exhausted with enthusiasm…and plain ole exhausted. So it was a welcome treat to relax for a week with hubby and Netflix. As the last days of the first week came to a close, imagine my surprise when Husband actually planned a date that to me was like the best date ever.

With that background, let me interject with the real cause for this post:

I seriously have the best mother in law in the whole entire world and I’m not going to apologize for it.

I finally have this whole marriage thing figured out…at least up until the second year.

finding love

The first year of marriage is truly the hardest. You lose yourself. You lose who you are as a couple. You lose the love. If you are fortunate enough to make it through all of that, in tact, you then spend the second and following years finding and rekindling it.

My mother in law, the romantic, seeing how our first year was and understanding it’s difficulty, set out a plan to help us find our love and rekindle it.

I think she did it for fear that we’d make a decision we truly didn’t want to make down the road, this coming from experience.

For our anniversary,  she gave us a gift card, which I saved for later.

For Christmas, she gave us each gift cards to a restaurant neither of us had ever been…as if we weren’t going to use it on the other.

After finishing up the holidays and right before getting into the groove of things, hubby decided it would be a good time for us to get a new experience. He suggested we try out the restaurant and I suggested I take the gift card out of hiding and live a little.

a good time

We went to this over priced and trendy restaurant and had a really great time. You know how you know you’re having a good time? Everyone around you looks unhappy. And geez, these people looked miserable!

Vowing to not join their company, we enjoy ourselves, almost more than we should have. It was as if we had some type of filter over our eyes, no Instagram.

We leave the restaurant and set out to use the gift card to go to the movies…the movie we wanted to see wasn’t in any of the theatres we typically go to so we took a rain check and got to thinking.

Hubby suggested we go to the bowling alley. Mind you, hubby has his own bowling bag, ball, and shoes. Bae is cheesing from ear to ear about the epic bowling that plans to be had.

We get there and it’s an hour wait…AN HOUR WAIT for a lane…A LANE! What is this? The latest club of the ‘burbs?

We look at each other and I say to him, “tell you what, let’s just go home and Netflix it up (our usual date night digs…my fave) and I’ll take YOU out!” He smiled at me and said, “Netflix it is!”

And I even let HIM pick the movie.

But it was there in the car, on our way home, (to Netflix), that I realized what my mother in law had been doing.

She wasn’t only helping us find love, because we spent most of our second year doing that by rediscovering ourselves, she was ensuring that it was rekindled by providing us with opportunities to spend valuable time together.


I seriously have the best mother in law ever. Like who does that? Who, instead of giving you advice based on their experience, gives you the time that they wish they had?

I should hope other wives feel like I do. I’m in pure awe.

That’s how you can tell if your MIL likes you. If she sees you as the woman she wants her son to have children with, build a legacy with, and has good genes, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep you two together.

And it really was the best date night ever, seriously, right on time…


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