Inspired Adventures: Mountain Majesty + 6 Things You Must do at Brasstown Valley Resort


Brasstown Valley

Two weeks ago, Hubby and I celebrated our 2 year wedding/ commitment/ marriage anniversary. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do, but came up with a plan last minute that some rest and relaxation was definitely something we not only needed, but deserved.

I found an awesome deal on Groupon, but when I called the place to inquire about the deal, they gave me an even better price! Hubby and I spent 24 hours in the Brasstown Bald Mountains at the Brasstown Valley Resort just 3 hours north of Atlanta in Young Harris, GA. Serene and tranquil are an understatement. It was breath taking.

Brasstown Valley Resort:

Nestled among the North Georgia Mountains, Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa quietly redefines the typical mountain getaway. Just a short two-hours from Atlanta & Chattanooga, there is something for everyone at Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa.

No longer a secret, the 18-hole championship golf course was named among Golf Digest magazine’s top places to play.

The Stables at Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa offers one- and two-hour guided horseback trail-riding for every skill level.

And the 7,500-square-foot Equani Spa, inspired by the area’s native Cherokee people, serves up treatments to maximize strength, health, appearance, mental acuity and spiritual balance.

Among the wide range of activities to enjoy, make sure to complete your stay with exceptional dining. The Georgia Resort’s dining room is known far and wide for its picturesque mountain views, which complement its outstanding food and service.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and unique Mountain getaway, look no further. At Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa, it’s an experience like no other.

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While we were there, just after we finished looking at the stars and right when we got cozy next to the huge fireplace in the lobby, one of the guests told us that the entirety of the Brasstown Valley Resort sat atop a very peaceful Native American town that was uncovered during construction. To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, the developers maintained the integrity of the ancient town and celebrated its people. To date, this has been one of my favorite vacations. Being able to get away from the business, the email, the phone, and people in general was exactly what we needed to get in tune with each other and celebrate us.

Inspired Adventures-Mountain Majesty-via soainspired-photo

My top 6 things you MUST do when you visit Brasstown Valley Resort (in no particular order)

  1. GO TO THE SPA. Brasstown Valley Resort covers several acres of land in Young Harris, GA. One of their best features is the Equani Spa. Hubby and I got massages there and it was awesome! Their steam room was unlike anything I had seen and really helped to get those impurities out. Best of all is their super shower. This shower has a rain faucet PLUS three rows of adjustable nozzles that literally hits. every. single. spot. imaginable!
  2. SHOW YOUR COWBOY/GIRL ROOTS. Brasstown Valley has an amazing equine area where you can take a trail ride with one of their beautifully maintained horses. We didn’t get to ride on this particular trip, but trust we will next time!
  3. GET DRUNK. Young Harris, the town that houses Brasstown Valley, sits smack dab in the middle of the Georgia wine highway. It’s said that this is the same highway that Nascar was born since back in the prohibition era, bootleggers used it’s twisty curves to escape the law. There are literally hundreds of vineyards within miles of each other. Being that the elevation is higher, that tipsy feeling comes waaaaay faster.
  4. WATCH THE STARS. Being in and from the city, you learn to appreciate the plethora of lights it offers until you want to see the brightness of the stars. In the mountains, there aren’t a whole lot of light distractions to take away from the evening beauty of the sky. While we were at the resort, we got a chance to see stars and extraterrestrial objects we probably would never see in Atlanta.
  5. BE A LOCAL. It’s truly fun being a tourist. The newness of an area makes you want to both try everything and nothing at the same time for fear that it won’t be good. In a place like the mountains, ask some of the people you encounter what their favorite restaurants, bars, and stores are and make a note to go visit some of them.
  6. ACT LIKE A FARMER. There is something to be said about picking your own food. As we were making our way back home, we stopped at a local farm and went apple picking. I’m not sure why we were so excited to be farmers, but we were. The apples were delicious and made my homemade apple pie that much more special!

If you ever get a chance to visit this resort, make sure to remember the list above and be sure to tell me how you enjoyed (or didn’t) in the comments below!

Where’s your favorite getaway destination?

**All photos taken by Hubby**


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