Stylespiration: No Time for Fake Ones


“I got no time for fake ones. Just sip some Cristal with these real ones. From East to West Coast spread love son. And while you keep talking sh*t, we count bank funds…”

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Stylespiration-No Time for Fake Ones via soainspired

Have you ever been so focused on a goal that you literally have NO TIME for anything or anyone that has nothing to do with said goal? You eat, sleep, and breath this goal and won’t rest until it’s achieved?

That’s where I am. It’s about 10 weeks until we meet 2015 and I am hell bent on setting myself, my company, and my household up for success. I spoke to my mentor about the things I have in the pipeline and what I am currently working on and she said that “2015 is going to be a great year for me.” I receive and claim that. The more I work making these things happen, the more focused on the prize I get, the less time I have for anyone or anything not actively working towards their own.

I recently had a conversation with one of my best friends about fear, focus, and fortune. I said to him that we all have doubt and we all have fear, but I’ll be damned if I allow them to deter me from where I know I can go. If anything, that fear and doubt fuel me to work harder. It’s the motivation I need to continue doing what I’m doing.

Stylespiration-No Time for Fake Ones-quote via soainspired

I have no time for fake fear…

The fear that tells you that you’re inadequate. The fear that makes you feel complacent and comfortable where you are. The fear that whispers to you to stop when you know you can keep going. The fear that creates the excuses.

I have no time for fake fear. The kind that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you turn around when you were literally about to make a breakthrough. Certainly, fear can be good, but it’s when you allow it to dictate your actions and prevent you from living out your dream that it becomes a problem.

Make no time for fake fear. Just use it for your dreams to get there. From idea to real thing, you know you got it. So while they keep talking, just go for it.

Had to spit a hot 4 for y’all…BARS!

Stylespiration-No Time for Fake Ones-outfit deets via soainspiredOutfit deets

Necklace | c/o Shop R-ki-tekt

Blouse | Thrifted

Belt | Thrifted

Tights | Spanx

Cuff | Forever 21 | Similar

Booties | Shoedazzle



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