Out on the Town: Hyundai Smarter Living Affair – Cocktails, Conversation & Southern Flair


| Honoring Rashan Ali, Shanti Das, Marshawn Evans, Myleik Teele, and Christine White. |

Hyundai Smarter Living Affair - Cocktails Conversation  Southern Flair -Hyundai Sonata

On October 21, Hyundai Motor Company hosted an intimate affair at the posh Estate on Piedmont that celebrated the smart choices and smart living of women, particularly African American women as they unveiled their latest marketing campaign targeting women buyers with the all new Hyundai Sonata.

I am such a sucker for an amazing experience, it is the premise that my business is built on. First of all the Estate on Piedmont is a little hidden gem in the middle of Piedmont Rd. in Buckhead Atlanta. Unless you were looking for it, you wouldn’t even know that it existed. From the outside it looks like a small mansion on well kept grounds, but when you enter it’s all glitz and glamour with chandeliers, modern furniture and hardwood floors.

To say that this event was filled with powerful women was an understatement. Hyundai honored five well known and successful African American women with a panel discussion about their smarter choices and how it has helped them to become the women they’ve become. The panel was hosted by James Andrews of Social People and moderated by former CNN Executive Producer Tenisha Taylor Bell and featured media personality Rashan Ali, entertainment legend Shanti Das, reinvention strategist Marshawn Evans Daniels, and successful entrepreneurs Myleik Teele of Curlbox and Christine White.

After the wining and dining hour was complete, Chief of Diversity for Hyundai USA, Zafar Brooks presents a check for $5000 to the Spelman STEM Ambassadors Program.

Hyundai Smarter Living Affair - Cocktails, Conversation & Southern Flair

All of the ladies had incredible journeys that have not only propelled them forward, but helped them to make smarter choices going forward.

Q: How did you make the decision to shift and transition (from where you already where)?

Marshawn: I’ve done so many things throughout my business and career that someone from the outside might see me as unfocused I go by the title “reinvention strategist” because if you want the story told right, you should tell it yourself and not give someone else the opportunity to tell it in their way. Own your own story. Write it and put it in print. The hardest and smartest choice I’ve made is to listen to God. Reinvention is about going back into the life that God chose for you.

About success:

Myleik: When I work in PR for American Idol in the beginning of my career, I realized the artists who had real longevity had multiple streams of income. We (women) should be able to feel glamorous at every point in our life.

Q: What was the smartest choice you’ve made when it came to knowing your worth?

Shanti: My smartest choice was finding the right lawyer to negotiate (contracts) for me. Often times women are afraid to ask their worth and fail to realize how much work they put in. It wasn’t until I proved my worth by taking interviews with competing companies that I realized my worth.

Christine: So often we shrink ourselves as women. We don’t ask for what we deserve. We’re just happy to be down. The truth of the matter is that black women have held this country and our families up for so long. Women advocate their own future to other people. We have to understand our worth.

Q: Can you discuss the balancing act of having it all?

Rashan: It is a constant work in progress. I have an amazing husband and a great village that I can call on to help me be able to fulfill these dreams…and prayer.

After the panel and photo opps were over, we were delighted to a special performance by Grammy award winning artist Kelly Price.

The Hyundai Smarter campaign is a part of Hyundai’s ongoing effort to communicate with women buyers, who value a smart purchase decision. For more information and exclusive videos from the campaign, be sure to go to hyundaismarter.com and check out photos from the event below.


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