Style-spiration: Love What You Do


I’m a natural born talker. I enjoy talking to people and hearing about their background stories. Conversations are my favorite past time. It is the love of stories that I built my business on.

Style-spiration-Love What You Do-titleToday, I have a speaking gig. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m playing it cool by tricking my mind into thinking that I’m more prepared than I feel like I am. A part of me has always wanted to speak in front of crowds and have candid conversations with strangers.

When the opportunity came to speak at Southwired — formerly Digital Atlanta, is one of the Southeast’s largest and longest running digital conferences starring the country’s top innovators. Hosted in Atlanta each year, the five day brain exchange features the biggest innovators in digital technology and media – giving attendees all access to best practices, industry trends and next gen breakthroughs (website)– I knew that I wanted to be a part of it to exercise my public speaking chops as well as market myself as an innovator in branding and digital marketing.


Style-spiration-Love What You Do-quote via SOAinspired

To me this is a huge check mark on my list of accomplishments this year. It’s a testament to being able to do the things that I love. As the year winds down, so many of the conversations I’ve over heard or have been a part of have been about revisiting everything that we’ve been through, accomplished, and dealt with in the past year…personally.

I have to honestly say that this has been the year where the love of what I do + my determination and work ethic + my unapologetic belief in myself are all starting to come together. I believe this has been the year where loving what I do motivates me to continue to do what I love.

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Have you experienced that moment? That moment when you catch yourself in the middle of executing your dream to realize that you actually LOVE what you do and wouldn’t trade any of it in the world? Not the loss of the sleep. Not the rejection. Not the opportunities for the 9 to 5. Not the employer for employee. Not the influence or access or thought leadership. I’m there. In the middle of creating and planning events, hosting and speaking, consulting and mentoring, I realized that I truly truly love what I do and that’s the only way to be able to do what you love.

Love What You Do via SOAinspired



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