Out on the Town: Shake Shack Housewarming in Atlanta


“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” -Luciano Pavarotti

When I saw that Shake Shack was coming to Atlanta, I cannot tell you how high I squealed. I’ve heard some really amazing things about this place from my friends in New York and couldn’t believe they were going to be making a debut in Atlanta. We already have some truly amazing burger places here in Atlanta, like GrindHouse Burger, Smash Burger, US Cafe, Flip Burger, and Burger Fi, now we can add Shake Shack to the list.

Atlanta Shake Shack

First of all, before I can even tell you about the fun I had at the Shake Shack, I have to tell you how amazing the “new” Buckhead Atlanta is. You already know who their target market is with the shops that are soon to open and being developed there…*coughHermescoughyourrichcousinscough*, it kind of reminded me of the Ocean Drive area of Miami- very upscale and well developed. I have to give kudos to the developers for turning the previous crane yard into such a glamorous establishment.

Out on the Town-Shake Shack Buckhead Atlanta Housewarming Party

Okay. Back to burgers. Shake Shack was PACKED! Everyone was there hobnobbing and elbowing their way to the mouthwatering Shackburgers. Personally, I didn’t have one because you know…I don’t eat red meat…but let me tell you how badly I wanted one…very very badly! I substituted my craving for a mouthwatering burger by getting my fill of the chicken dogs and fries. I even tried a portobello mushroom burger…not my thing, but I will admit that I loved the batter and sauce they put on it.

I got the chance to meet with Randy Garutti, the CEO of Shake Shack. I picked his brain about not having a turkey burger on the menu…seriously Randy! What’s up with that?

Randy Garutti-CEO of Shake Shack at the Buckhead Atlanta Housewarming Party

I topped my night off with custard and cracking up laughing on how fast the food was going . Every time the Shack Pack came out with a tray, the food would be gone in under 30 seconds…no lie!

All in all, Shake Shack is a welcome choice to what should otherwise be known at Foodlanta™! I’m really excited to have been able to be a part of the experience and know that on many a drunken night they will be here a long time!

Check out the photos below and be sure to make your way to Shake Shack located at 3035 Peachtree ST in Buckhead…



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