Conversations in my head: Enjoy the Ride


I think I’m getting to a place in my life where I am learning to just go with the flow and be in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a natural born planner so majority of my life will likely always be planned, but once the event/process/situation starts…it’s beyond my control. It’s up to be to just live in the moment.

Enjoy the Ride via SOAinspired

I had this conversation with one of my best friends. He recently took a really awesome job in California to which he moved out there with nothing…no plan, little money, no inkling of where  he would be in the near future. It was commendable for him to move out there, but once he did, much of his time was spent freaking out about what would happen next or how different his life was or much he didn’t prefer to work for others. All the time he’s complaining or freaking or whatever it was, all I could think about was how far he’d come and how long he had dreamed of moving to the west coast and how he needed to just enjoy the ride.

I’ve noticed that about people. We’ll hope, pray, and wish for something to happen and as we begin the processes of our dreams happening, we’ll complain about the journey. We’ll complain that the road is too bumpy. We’ll complain about the trees are too tall. We’ll complain about how there isn’t enough light. Why not just enjoy the ride for everything it has to offer?

Here’s my challenge to you: I challenge you to enjoy your life. Certainly it won’t always be rainbows and sunshine, but enjoy it anyways. When life throws you challenges, look at them as opportunities for growth and enjoy it anyways. When people get on your nerves, look at those people as methods to test your patience, and grow anyways.

I’m finding that the more I just enjoy the ride on this journey of life, the better I feel about the future. Certainly I’ll still be the planner that I am, but every once in a while I’m going to enjoy the ride.


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