Guess Who’s a @shoprkitekt Color Kitten?



Remember me? I hope so. I mean if you’re still coming here obviously you like me…you really really like me! Life has been sooooo hectic. The thing I am learning about building and growing a business is that it requires major focus, less sleep, and the determination to get things done despite being sick, in the hospital (ahem…husband), tired, or a bit ADD (self diagnosed of course). Lately, I’ve been adding new clients, events, and opportunities to The SOA Brand and as a result I have been given really awesome opportunities!

The latest opportunity is that I am a Shop Rkitekt Color Kitten!!! *throws gold confetti*

shop rkitekt color kitten


That means, I am an ambassador for this super creative and really awesome brand and I’ll be sharing all of their pretty random things here. From their really awesome handmade leather wallets to their uber cute and colorful necklaces.

Shop Rkitekt Color Kitten package-SOAinspired

I can’t wait to work with them and grow with them. Stay tuned for what they have in store! Until then, take some time to visit their shop and buy something…Christmas IS around the corner!


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