I Got My Life at Oprah’s #LifeYouWantATL!! and @Bounty shows us how to #BringIt with the Power Meet Up Breakfast!


This past weekend, Mama Oprah graced us with her presence as she made her first stop of her highly anticipated eight city US arena, Life You Want Tour, in Atlanta.The experience started off with the O Town Experience in the middle of Centennial Olympic Park.Upon entering, we were asked to register and received a bracelet specific to the OTown Experience in which a chip was embedded into the bracelet so that upon tapping the bracelet to a device, we would receive information about discounts, offers, and news from that sponsor.

The O Town Experience was filled with interactive stations, activities, and engagements with their sponsors: Kroger, Bounty, Olay, Pantene, Tide, Charmin, Crest, Covergirl, Ikea, and Toyota. Each tent had its own way of engaging all of the attendees in a special way.

Oprah's The Life You Want O Town Experience Atlanta

On Friday, media and influencers were invited by The Garner Circle PR to the ‘Life You Want’ Breakfast and Power Meet Up hosted by Bounty and featuring panelists Carla Hall – Celebrity Chef, host at The Chew and author, Karmetria Burton – Supplier Diversity at Delta Airlines and Nicole Jones – co-founder of HONESTY- a line of exquisite, hand-crafted fashion accessories.

Photo credit: Joey Levine for The Garner Circle PR

Photo credit: Joey Levine for The Garner Circle PR

They discussed their individual journeys to finding their career path and how they chose to #bringit! The Bounty Reinvention tent had a beautifully designed media lounge area, an area where we shared what made us the happiest, and a wall where we could share how we BRING IT!

How do you Bring IT?

We got a first peak of the OTown Experience presented by sponsors Toyota, P&G, Ikea, and O Magazine. Outside of the weather further telling us why Atlanta is Hotlanta, the O Town Experience was QUITE the experience and a great way to prepare us for the awesomeness that ensued during the seminars!

If the O Town Experience was your favorite appetizer, the actual event was like the best meal you’ve ever had. Friday night was dedicated to Lady O and how she started to live the life she wanted. As we waited for her to grace us with her amazingness, we had fun trying to catch our tweets and ‘grams on their jumbo digital screen flanking the stage. (<— event producer speak) When showtime hit, the entire arena went dark and the screen displayed a graphic of constellations and stars. Oprah began her monologue expressing how we are all made of stars. As she started, all of the white translucent bracelets that each attendee received began to illuminate along with the colors of the graphic further enthralling us in the monologue.

Oprah's The Life You Want Tour Atlanta

As Oprah continued, she shared with us the rising of the sun and how we receive our power from it. As her speech came to a close, the lights began to get brighter and the bracelets continued to twinkle in unison, Mama Oprah rose from beneath the stage and finished with a resounding, “AND STILL I RISE!” The entire arena erupted in thunderous applause welcoming Oprah to Atlanta’s Philips Arena. IT. WAS. EVERYTHING!

Saturday featured a host of seminars curated by some of our favorite Oprah Trailblazers including Deepak Chopra…which I totally walked passed and didn’t know because he blended with the crowd so darn well! Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat. Pray. Love discussed her quest to living the life she wanted. Rob Bell discussed how everything is spiritual and Iyanla Vanzant blessed us with a sermon about life!

Iyanla Vanzant at #LifeYouWantATLYou already know that I am all about an amazing experience! If ever there was someone who could truly provide you with one that you will remember for the rest of your life…and isn’t Beyonce…it would be Oprah and her amazing, creative, and talented team!

Check out more pics from Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour Atlanta!

Very very very special thank you to The Garner Circle PR for the O Town Experience invite and exclusive access to the Power Meet-up hosted by Bounty and Arkeedah McCormick of It’s Arkeedah for not only being my date but providing me with the opportunity to be a part of the experience of a lifetime!



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