Never Say Never


You know how people are always telling you to “never say never?” I mean that hoodlum artist Justin Bieber even devoted a song and documentary to it. It’s so easy to say what you are not going to do before you even give yourself the opportunity to find out if it is even something you can do.

Recently, this statement smacked me in the face and now thinking about it, it’s both hilarious and ironic. I have been saying FOR. THE LONGEST. that I would not become a wedding planner. I’ve done the wedding planning thing as an event coordinator for a decor/design firm that specialized in high design weddings and events. I just knew that the way my personality is set up, weddings…specifically very emotional brides and I would not mix.

My personality is very dry when it comes to emotions. Blame it on my aquarian nature. Although I totally understand emotions, I’m just not good at logically accepting them. I am emotional, but I don’t do a good job of expressing it. I’ve always known I was the Miranda in the group, I do a good job of logically understanding both sides of the story, but when it comes to feeling? Yeah, I don’t have time for that.

So when it comes to a bride who is both high maintenance AND emotional…yup, call me Sweetie Brown because I ain’t got tahm fah dat.

Insert the ‘I told you so.’

Michael Jordan quote, Never say Never

So I am adamant that I will not be planning any weddings…like ever. Several of my friends from high school and college have been getting engaged left and right…naturally, they’ve been calling on me to be their wedding planner. Much to their bewilderment, I adamantly told them “Thanks, but NO THANKS.”

Then my mentor gets engaged. Mind you this is the same mentor I TOLD was going to be my mentor. So when it came down to her engagement, she TOLD me that I would be her “wedding storyteller.” And thus, my reputation of being the anti-wedding planner was demolished in the smile and enthusiasm of the woman I look up to as much as my mother.

So my dear readers, I tell you this: Never Say Never. When you do that, it’s as if the universe purposely puts things in your way to trip you up just to be able to say “I told you so.” You don’t like to hear your friends tell you, “I told you so.” The universe is worse than your friends when it comes to gloating, it’s never ending. It’s the imaginary gnat you can’t seem to swat away.

Never say never quotes, Lindsay LohanHas this happened to you? Have you been so adamant about something that you knew it would be true to your dying day, but then all of a sudden you find yourself smack dab in the middle of that same thing you said you wouldn’t do? Tell me about it below in the comments!


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