Style-spiration: Bright


I wore this outfit several weeks ago when my mother dragged me to a wedding for one of her mentees. It was something I literally threw together.

Style-spiration: Bright via SOAinspired

Sometimes I feel like that’s what the universe does to us. It just kind of throws things in the mix for us to sort them out and make sense of it. The folks who have learned and grown to appreciate it become better able to take whatever it is the universe has thrown at them and turn it into opportunities, lessons, growth. For them, no matter how crazy things may seem, the future is ALWAYS bright!

Style-spiration: Bright quote via SOAinspired

That’s where I want to be. I can’t say that I am fully there because you know…I’m human. And I can’t say that every time the universe decides to throw in a paisley scarf, plaid skirt, and orange top that I’m going to agree that it goes together, but some where in there, it just works.

Style-spiration: Bright outfit deets via SOAinspired

The universe is funny like that. You’ll go years, months, days wondering why karma is picking on you and asking yourself what you did to deserve it, not realizing that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens to make you greater. Everything happens to make the future brighter.



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