Quote: Letting Go of Negs


Nope that’s not a typo. When I worked for a B2B marketing firm, one of the things we talked about daily was to “stop laying negs” and to not be a “neg or negative Nancy.” The type of job we had was very dependent on maintaining a positive attitude and to keep everyone positive. Literally one sour apple would ruin the bunch because that negative energy would draw the life out of you and make you pessimistic about your capabilities.

love me or hate me quote

As I’ve been working hard to achieve different goals and have been progressing to success, I notice that not only do I see “negs,” but they try really really hard to turn me into one. I could have won the award for best entrepreneur in the galaxy and there will be someone there to believe I didn’t deserve it. You could have closed on a multi-million dollar deal and someone will think that you shouldn’t have got it. No matter what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone out there to try to tell you what you deserve and do their best to lay “negs” in your life.

I’m here to tell you, those negs need to get a life. And you shouldn’t give them your time or attention.

Joel Osteen said in one of his sermons:

In life, you will always have that 25% who will support you no matter what. Next, you’ll have that 25% who support you but can be swayed against you. You’ll also have 25% who don’t really support you, but they can be swayed to support you. Finally, you’ll have 25% who will never like you, no matter what you do.

Instead of trying to sway the negs people to support you, keep pushing and making those who do support you proud. Let go of the negs and I promise your life will be easier.



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