Recipe Box: Skinny-Wiches Must Dine


Hi, my name is SOA and I have a love affair with bread. Hi SOA!

Seriously, I love bread. I’m the type to eat the butt end of the bread naked. No butter. No jam. No judgements, just bread. I credit my ethnic heritage of Nigeria and Jamaica with that. My parents LOVE bread. So thus, I do too.

Recently, I got a coupon to try Arnold’s thin wheat bread and took it as an opportunity to let my inner delicatessen shine. Between my hubby and I, we made about 5 really delicious skinnywiches…although not all of them lasted long enough to be photographed :/

Check out our sorta low calorie sandwiches below and don’t forget to share yours in the comments section!

low calorie sandwich recipes



1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in Honey Wheat

1 tablespoon ranch dressing (I used this in place of Mayo because I don’t like mayo)

2 leaves romaine lettuce

2 strips turkey bacon (I also don’t eat pork, but I do eat bacon…in turkey form)


Toast sandwich thins

Smear ranch dressing on top of toasted thin bread

Layer tomato, lettuce, and bacon


Delicious with Kettle or Kale Chips!

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Toaster


1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in Honey Wheat

1 teaspoon butter

1 quarter Butterball turkey sausage link cut in half

1 large egg

1 slice sharp cheddar

1 tablespoon grape jelly


Lightly toast sandwich thins in small pan with butter

Fry or scramble egg in frying pan

Pan fry sausage

Add grape jelly to each sandwich thins, top with cheese followed by egg then sausage.


Tastes great with a bowl of fruit!

Bacon featuring Grilled Cheese (Hubby’s recipe)

1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in Honey Wheat

3 strips turkey bacon

1 tablespoon butter

2 slices sharp cheddar


In a small pan, crisp bacon until lightly crunchy.

In another pan, coat surface with butter and add a sandwich thin covered with cheese. Layer bacon and more cheese and cover with sandwich thin. Flip and cook evenly until golden and cheese is melted.


Too sexy for my burger


1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in Honey Wheat

1 turkey burger patty

1 slice of vine ripe tomato

2 small leaves of romaine lettuce

1 slice provolone cheese

Ketchup and Mustard


Cook turkey burger patty until medium well and juicy, top with provolone cheese

Top a sandwich thin with toppings followed by turkey burger and provolone, then add tomato and lettuce. Top with sandwich thin.


Tastes best with kettle chips!

Caprese, Please


1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in Honey Wheat

1/4 inch thick slice of all natural mozzarella cheese

2-3 slices of small vine ripe tomato

4-5 leaves of basil

1-2 mint leaves

1 tablespoon italian dressing


Lightly toast thin wheat in toaster

In a bowl, add tomato, basil, mint, and italian dressing and mix well

Layer mozzarella, basil, mint, and tomato mixture on top of thin wheat and cover



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