Inspired Thoughts: Movement


You could say that was the name of the game for me this past weekend. My Saturday started at 8AM and ended after 12AM. It was all about constant movement with four full events, two of which included opportunities for one of my clients.

At one of the events, the birthday celebration of my mentor, as her closest friends and family shared their stories of how she inspired them and how their friendships came to be, it wasn’t until her beau stood up to speak about his wonderful movement that it hit me.

movement definition


He started his monologue as such:

MOVEMENT. is defined as the act of changing physical location or position…

He went on to say how being with her kept him in constant movement towards the right direction and that he is grateful to her for this.

It led me to think about where I am now and where I want to be in the near future and how in order to get there it will take constant movement. I thought about my marriage and how my hubby keeps me constantly moving and I him.

Often times when we are so consumed by what we want our goals to be, we fail to realize that every day we do something to our benefit, we are in constant movement towards our goals. It could be something as simple as remembering to send that email or talking about your business at a party or wearing your own designs to a function or simply telling the one you love how much you appreciate them.

Life is about constant movement, as is love. Ask yourself if you are moving in the right direction and who or what is moving with you.

Movement quote by Ovid


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