Conversations in my head: Why do people give up?


Lately, I’ve been encountering people who are quitting their dreams because they think it’s hard to achieve or it’s taking too long to achieve.

It baffles me. How can something you claim to love so much be the exact thing that makes you lose sight of that same dream?

I often wonder if it’s the time, effort, or work that they are afraid of rather than the scale of the dream. I wonder if it’s more of the fear of success rather than the fear of failure that has them fearful.


I think when we experience little victories towards our goals we forget how much effort it took to get there and we start becoming addicted to those little victories not realizing that they are simply slivers of a gigantic pie.

I wonder if we look forward to the success of it all so much that when we are hit with minor set backs it’s enough to make us quit when we are so close to the prize.

Why do people quit? Are we hard wired to quit so soon now that we live in an instant society? Have we lost the will to be tenacious and determined? Are our dreams REALLY unattainable?

I constantly think of what Janelle Monae said in Tight Rope from her second EP, The ArchAndroid, “whether you’re high or low, you’ve got to tip on the tight rope.” Whether you are experiencing a great moment or a small set back, have the attitude that it’s all temporary and keep moving. Never stop to get too comfortable in the success or too emotional about the failures…because it’s all temporary.

whether you're high or low you've got to tip on the tight rope. Janelle Monae


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