Conversations in my Head: Carpe Diem


Today I woke up wishing I had at least one more day of vacation. While everyone had completely tuned out their work by Thursday afternoon, I was still in work mode. As an entrepreneur, my holidays aren’t like your holidays. As every one was trying to decide whose house they were going to to eat some tasty barbecue at, I was in a meeting discussing details for an upcoming opportunity with a new partner.

A weekend for me could literally be a random Wednesday in which I shut my phone to clients to rejuvenate and a Sunday in which I shut down to the world. And a holiday? Sometimes it’s only forced because all the corporate offices are closed and I know I won’t be getting any responses to my emails and calls until they return.

I woke up early this morning ready to seize the day because despite my want to sleep in and not make these appointments, my need to be successful and wow my newest clients is worth more.

Carpe Diem, Seize the moment

Life is like that sometimes all the time.

When you are passionate about something, you’re willing to lose sleep, time, and often money to watch it come to fruition because for you it isn’t just about the day, it’s not even about the moment, it’s about the opportunity to watch something you’ve planted and fertilized come to fruition.

So I leave you with that. Don’t just Carpe Diem with the hopes of getting work done, Carpe the moment to relish the opportunity that comes with it.

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