Quote: Crave Adventure

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures

So it’s been about a week since I’ve come back from my vacation in the Bahamas and I am craving adventure more than ever. Of course I am also experiencing a case of wanderlust and want to spend my time exploring new cities, states, and countries. What I mean by craving adventure is feeding your curiosity. Learning some new things, trying some new things, meeting some new people.

Life for Adventure


I feel like the summertime is the best time to crave adventure and feed curiosity. There are a plethora of markets, events, concerts, exhibits, and movies for you to satiate that burning curiosity inside of you. Don’t let life pass you by. Don’t let the curiosity go unanswered because you are afraid to try something  new or do something different.

Here are a few adventures I’ve done that gratified my cravings:

  • took a joy ride around the city with the music blaring
  • took my first cruise
  • tried a new brunch spot
  • explored a new route home
  • listened to an artist I’ve never heard before

What adventures do you crave this summer? How will you satisfy them?


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