Quote: Happiness is…


I have conversations all the time with my friends and mentees about what happiness is and where to get more of it. Often times we find ourselves unhappy because we think that if we wait for X that it will bring us happiness. So we sit there, miserable, because we postpone our happiness. Let me tell you something that took me a while to realize, happiness is right where you are.

Happiness is...


Happiness is what you make it. When was the last time you did something that made you happy, no matter what it was or if someone would judge you for it? Maybe your happy lies in singing a song or painting a picture or reading a book. Maybe it’s in talking with friends or meeting new people or helping the less fortunate. Whatever and wherever you find your happy, you shouldn’t postpone it for the hope that you will find yourself happier in the future. Find your happy and be happy RIGHT NOW!

Right now, I’m finding my happy on my first ever cruise with my mother. I’ve been saying to myself that I wanted to travel and have finally just went out there and did it. Right now, my happy is in exploring new adventures. So every day I leave the house, I set out to explore it. I could just be going to the grocery store, but the point is, I’ve found my happy and do whatever it takes to keep it. That’s my hope for you…find your happy and don’t postpone it!

Happiness is...

What is your happy?


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