SOA Hack: Fabric Artwork

SOA Hack: Fabric Artwork via SOAinspired

It’s the Spring!!! Have you taken time out of your busy schedule to do some spring cleaning? Have you updated your now drab winter decor with something a little bit more bright and vibrant? Of course you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it, so heck out my Spring hack that’s super easy to do and great for your budget!

SOA Hach: Fabric Artwork via SOAinspired

I love to decorate! It’s one of the reasons why my career of choice is as an event planner and merchandiser. I love to put things together and make a wonderful vignette filled with whatever story you can muster.

When it came time for me to update my living room, I wanted to go for something different without my wallet turning me in for abuse. I knew I wanted some art work, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to create it myself or to scour the entire state of Georgia looking for the perfect piece.

As I walked the aisles of Ikea, aimlessly looking for inspiration, it hit me! Or rather one of the Ikea displays hit me (not literally of course). I could take some of the multitudes of fabric I had and make some pretty dope artwork!

Check out how I put together this fabric artwork and of course make it your own!

SOA Hack: Fabric Artwork via SOAinspired


2- 11×17 in frames with matting


Fabric (the fabric I chose was actually a pillowcase I found in the discount bin at Ikea)

Sharp scissors

Glue stick

2- sheets of cardstock

Oil pencil or fabric pencil


If fabric is wrinkled, iron and starch for stiffness

Using cardstock, trace the shape on the back side of the fabric and cut along traced lines

Glue cut fabric to cardstock for added sturdiness

Disassemble picture frames and carefully place fabric covered cardstock to inside of frame ensuring it’s perfectly framed with the matte board

Re-fasten picture frame

Use ruler to measure placement of hook before marking placement on wall.

Once you find the perfect spot for your hook, hammer nail in place. Hang picture frame.

If available, use level to for perfect placement

Step back and enjoy your handiwork!


This project cost me a total of $8! I want to see your project! Tag your picture with #SOAinspired and share!



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