Quote: Blessings don’t come in handouts


When was the last time you did something for yourself? Now I’m not talking about selfishly forgetting someone important, but more of when was the last time you did something that will help you for the greater good?

Recently, I was on a panel directed towards teenagers. One of the questions that was asked was about how the younger generation are always looking for handouts versus actually putting in hard work to reap the benefits of their labor. I pondered on that question hours after having answered it during the panel. Are handouts making us less able to care for ourselves? Have we become so used to meaningless rewards that when it comes time to put in hard work  and help ourselves we fail to realize the blessing in it?

We all want the blessing, however we don’t realize the blessing comes not just when we ask for it, but when we work for it. That’s what led me to this quote by Socrates:

Heaven never helps the man who will not act -Sophocles


Ask for the blessing. Identify the goal. Strategize on the plan. Go out there and get it!

Once I went to a conference and the speaker pulled out a $20. They then asked the audience who really wanted it and to show them how much. While everyone, including myself, was raising their hand eagerly hoping that the speaker would choose us to receive the $20, some smart guy from the back walked up and took the money from the speaker’s hand…let that be your lesson. It’s not enough to want the blessing, you actually have to get up and go get it!

"Heaven will never help the man who will not act." -Socrates



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