Softer Touch Induction Ceremony: Overcoming Adversity [Video]


…PLUS my first keynote opportunity!

Last Thursday, I was invited by my mentee Kayla to be the keynote speaker at the Softer Touch Induction Ceremony at Georgia State University. Softer Touch is a women’s empowerment sisterhood whose mission:

“…unique individuals designed by God to be radiantly beautiful.”

I was invited to share with the girls how they can overcome adversity to find success. The speech writing process wasn’t too bad, it was a topic I often talk about with my friends and colleagues. Now getting all of that inspiration and turning it into something that people would be interested and inspired to hear…not to mention my own perfectionist tendencies, now THAT is a different story.



My speech discussed how it’s good to appreciate where our favorite celebrities and thought-leaders are today, however, it is more inspiring to our journey and current path to find out where they came from. We all go through some type of adversity that is there to make us better, stronger, wiser, and greater, we just have to learn to appreciate them for the challenges they are and know that it is for our benefit.

Check out a clip from my speech during the Softer Touch Induction Ceremony!


“How do you know when the exercises are working? You start to feel the pain. Your muscles start to hurt and your body starts to ache, typically that’s when you want to stop. DON’T DO IT! In order for you to build muscle and get stronger, you have to break down a few fibers first. That’s what adversity is. Adversity is the breaking down of the past in order to prepare you for the future. Though it may hurt in the present moment, it will only make us stronger and better for the future. You shouldn’t be afraid of adversity. Don’t run from your weaknesses. Don’t let a temporary setback make you lose sight of an impending comeback…”

Also, check out a few pics below!


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