#AtTheTableATL VIP Media Dinner and Wine Tasting


Why Urban Vines Wine Co’s underground culinary event, #AtTheTableATL, is a soul stirring, mouth watering, tummy loving experience.

Atlanta: home of the Braves, Hawks, Falcons, world’s largest aquarium, Six Flags, and a plethora of night clubs, lounges, hot spots and of course restaurants. As a resident of Atlanta, there aren’t any shortages of great cultivated experiences (if you know what you want and where to look) that involve food, drinks, and amazing people. I’ve been to several myself, but none make my mouth water more than when Chef India Ramos and her business partner Rochelle Lovett of Urban Vines Wine Company put together one of their delicious experiences.

Last Monday, I was delighted to be invited to the #AtTheTableATL Media VIP dinner and wine tasting at the Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop in the Emory Village area. When you get to Purple Corkscrew, you’ll notice that it is a very small shop with only a few tables and low lighting. They know how to play up their space by making their visitors get intimate with each other through close conversation and family style dinning.


As I walked in, the neo soul music was playing low and the aroma of the evening’s five courses were permeating the air. Our first course was an Artisanal Charcuterie Platter Selection of cured meats and sausages, Artisanal cheeses, pickled cucumber, candied walnuts, crostini, seasonal crostini, tea rose jam, and grain mustard paired with a Cavazza Prosecco from Veneto, Italy.

You know how you go to your homegirl’s house and she tries to be fancy with the cheese platter? Yeah, this wasn’t your home girl’s cheese platter. Each of the selected cheeses were very aromatic and pungent. The taste was very blatant but pleasing to the palate. The collective favorite was the tea rose jam made out of real tea roses. We did our best to encourage Chef Ramos to jar it and start selling, hopefully we made a loud enough noise and we’ll be seeing them in local shops around the city.

Our second course of Spring onion soup made from Vidalia onions, fresh leeks, roasted garlic and fresh tarragon was paired with Domaine Virginie La Grange Viognier from Languedoc, France. It was a lighter fair but definitely made you appreciate its simplicity. Normally, I shiver at the taste of onions but the sweetness from the Vidalia onions coupled with the tarragon and garlic made it a perfect soup for a cool Spring evening.

Just before our third course came out, we had the opportunity to finally meet each other. Everyone was from all walks of life, but we were all connected by our work in media. I met the lovely blogger/model Tiffany Nelson; host/actress Brandi Cohen – who taught us so many things about the latest in mobile photography tech; Gale Horton Gay- Lifestyle Editor for the Champion Newspaper out in Decatur; and the recognized writer Maurice Garland.

Just as we couldn’t contain ourselves anymore, Chef Ramos and Rochelle presented us with our third course: Grilled Salmon with spring peas, herbed goat cheese ravioli and a parmesan broth paired with Chateau Borie de Noaillan Blanc, via Bordea, France. I’m not used to having salmon and pasta together, but the pairing of the two with the sweetness of the peas and the creaminess of the goat cheese…was LIFE! I’ll have to ask Chef Ramos to share that recipe because it was definitely one of my absolute favorite dishes of the evening!

If you’ve met me, you know that I haven’t eaten red meat in about 5 or so years, unless it’s oxtails prepared by my mother, however, Chef Ramos is THE ONLY CHEF ON THIS EARTH that can get this non-red meat eater to partake. With the fourth course of Lamb tenderloin steak with purple potato, haricot verts, in a balsamic blackberry coulis paired with Junta Malbec from Curico Valley, Chile I was transported to a little villa in some Spanish town. The lamb was so tender and juicy so lean so perfectly combined with the blackberries, the potatoes, and the verts. Excuse me while my mouth waters….It was perfect. If you are a normal meat eater, please by the grace of God GET. YOUR. LIFE!

As we silently cleaned our plates and hope that no one was looking to see if we were licking it clean, Chef Ramos delighted us with her story of how she got into the culinary game (her father), what her trade actually is (computer science), where her flavors hail from (the south, New York, and Trinidad). Not only could you hear the passion in her voice, but you could taste it…in each bite of her expertly crafted dishes. It’s hard to believe that she hasn’t set foot into a culinary institute. It just goes to show that when something is your true passion, you don’t have to be taught it…you exude it.

Our final course of individual orange butter cakes with brown sugar butter cake, orange segments, crème anglaise, sprinkled with gold flakes paired with Hidalgo Cream Alameda Sherry from DO Jerex-Xéres, Spain was the literal icing on the cake. As much as I wanted to delight in my dessert like one of the slow motion commercials…it was just too good to do so!

Atlanta is known for its multitude of well-known events and exhibitions, however, it’s the little known experiences that really speaks to the true diversity of the metropolis. Urban Vines Wine and Purple Corkscrew have an amazing event on their hands and my hope is that everyone not only gets to know about it, but gets to experience it themselves. Whether you’re looking for a date night, a foodie adventure, or just great conversation over exceptional wine, Chef Ramos has you covered (and smothered and whipped and infused).

Get your ticket for the next experience on Sunday or Monday and see for yourself what the latest Atlanta cultivated experience has in store for you.

Urban Vines Wine | info@urbanvineswc.com | urbanvineswc.ticketleap.com

Purple Corkscrew is located at 1445 Oxford Rd. Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404-373-3263

Check out pics below from the event (taken on my iphone)




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