{Product Review} Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Co-Wash and Leave In


I love product giveaways. They give you the opportunity to test out products you may have never even tried before!

I recently won an awesome Twitter giveaway from Style and Beauty Doc and Glamazons Blog’s weekly #Fab4TV Twitter event. It included Eden Body Works Coconut Cleansing Co-Wash and Leave-in conditioner. I was elated to win, but I was even more excited to try an actual co-washing product.

As I continue to navigate the world of natural hairdom, I realize that my hair will overtly tell me what products and processes it likes. I’ve learned it doesn’t like to be shampooed weekly, it loves Shea butter and coconut oil and it stays thirsty! Using this co-wash was a great add to my normal routine and helped my hair to maintain moisture without stripping it of its natural oils.

The Eden Body Works Coconut Co-wash smells delicious! Is incredibly cleansing. Leaves your hair extremely moisturized but not too heavy. I’ve been using it for the last four weeks and I definitely plan on keeping it in my weekly routine…at least until my hair tells me it wants something else! I also love that it works well with other brands. I’ve used products in the past that only allows you to use the products in it’s product line…it is soooo irritating! Can’t wait to see what else Eden Body Works has in store. From what I’ve heard they have an amazing line AND they’re based here in Atlanta!

Thank you so much Danielle Gray of The Style and Beauty Doctor, Jessica Andrews of Glamazons Blog, and Eden Body Works for choosing me as your winner that evening, you guys are certainly winners in my book as well!


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