Monday Motivation: Not Resisting Rejection


| Rejection isn’t about us being inadequate, it’s about knowing that we could use some work |

I lost out on a bid for my first big contract last week, but you wouldn’t know it. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed. I was hurt. A part of me felt inadequate and I wondered why do I continue to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Once I was finished feeling emotional, it rarely takes me long, the logical part of me began to take over to clean house.

We often fear rejection. We hate it when we find out someone we like doesn’t like us. We cringe when we are passed over for an opportunity we really wanted. We will tread lightly because we don’t want to give anyone any reason to believe we are less than what we think of ourselves.

Not Resisting Rejection

Rejection is a tool we can use to better ourselves. When we are rejected by a person, a potential employer, a contract, or an opportunity, it’s not because we are inadequate or we didn’t have the tools to deliver, it’s because at the present moment that we expected to have that very thing we so deeply wanted, we weren’t ready or that thing we thought we wanted wasn’t exactly what we needed at the time.

Instead of us resisting or fearing rejection, we should use it as a self analysis tool. How can we better ourselves right now so that the next opportunity truly will be ours?

How has rejection impacted your life in the past? How will you now use it to impact your future? Leave a comment below.

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