Monday Motivation: The Bank of Karma


| Are you making deposits or withdrawals? |

Karma is an interesting thing. Society has us focus on the negative side of karma. You do something bad to someone, you will have something bad  happen to you. However, there is the other side of the coin. You do something good to someone, something good will happen to you. Maybe the saying should  say, “You do something to someone, you will have something happen to you…good or bad.”

I like to think of karma as a bank. When you do good work, you make deposits into the bank. You keep you bank in the positive. But ohhhhh if you do something bad, you are making a withdrawl. The more bad karma you produce, the more you are withdrawing from your karma bank. When your account gets into the negative, it will take you that much longer to get it back in the positive.

motivational quotes, karma

So, I ask you today, what are you doing to make deposits into your karma bank? Are you helping a stranger? Have you complemented a co-worker? Did you go out of your way to make someone smile? You’ll find that creating good karma through positive actions will make your day and LIFE that much brighter.

Don’t make withdrawals from your karma bank by dwelling on how you can plot revenge on someone for hurting or wronging you, let them deal with their own account while you focus on growing yours. The more positive deposits you put into karma, the better karma will work for you. And the “wealthier” you’ll become.


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