Diversity in Experiences


…makes us richer human beings.

I’ve had this conversation with friends before about how (in America) we are not cultured enough. What I mean is that we aren’t privy to a diversity in experiences unless we are wealthy, foreign born, or seek it ourselves. I’ve found that because I am a child of foreign born parents, I have a deep rooted appreciation for things that are unique and different and even underrated. I also credit that to me being an Aquarius. I have found that no matter where I go, what I’m doing, and who I am with, I always find the richness in the experience even if it’s just great conversation.

Diversity in Experiences via SOA Inspired

I believe the reason we have so many differences in this country and why so many people are bigoted in their thinking is because they have never taken a walk outside of their neighborhood. They don’t know any better. How can you honestly say that someone is this, that, or the other if you’ve never taken a walk in their shoes or their neighborhood or even allowed yourself to just be receptive to the diversities in life?

Diversity in Experiences via SOA Inspired

I had this “revelation” when I went out to support my friend at their Young Moguls Mixer followed by tapas at this awesome Latino restaurant and dance bar and closing the night out at a Drag show. It was probably one of the most diverse nights I’ve had since my days at UGA! Going to such differing arenas of entertainment made my already open and receptive mind even more so. I’ve gone to a few of the Young Moguls Mixers and the host is a great friend of mine. The Latin bar is a frequent hangout spot because they have THE MOST AMAZING shrimp tacos! But it was the Drag show at Mary’s Bar on Edgewood Ave in Atlanta, GA that I was able to add another stamp to my life experiences passport. Many people would make an exaggerated sound when they come to find out about my attendance at the local “gay bar,” but why? It was fun, the people were awesome and hilarious and it was probably one of the friendliest bars I’ve ever been to!

Diversity in Experiences via SOA Inspired

I recommend everyone take opportunities to diversify their experiences. Go out with a different set of friends. Go to a new bar, restaurant, club, hangout spot. When ever you get the opportunity, travel alone to a place you’ve never been and soak in the history! Many people will think we get “rich” from the amount of money we make, honestly, our richness comes from the amount of experiences we’ve had and the stories we can share.


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