Monday Motivation: Dealing with Doubt


I was dealing with a serious case of doubt last week. If you’re a creative or an entrepreneur, you’re constantly trying to combat self-doubt as well as the doubts of others on you. Sometimes I wonder how the heck I get through my days with the huge loads of doubt that seem to pile on top of me. As optimistic as I am, I have my moments of pessimism…but they are just that, moments.

Doubt is within all of us. Doubt is what alerts us to the fact that we are preparing to be a part of or do something that is bigger than ourselves. You could see it as the less shady cousin of fear. We need it because it alerts us, but we shouldn’t live our life through it. We shouldn’t hide behind doubt like a mask that we can peak through.

inspiration quote about doubt

When you’re in a state of doubt, don’t get mad at yourself for being doubtful. Instead, question the doubt. What is making you feel like you are executing at your best? Could it be hormones, could it be you’re taking on too much, could it be that you need to slow down, could it be that you are just afraid of what the next step could be? What ever it is that is contributing to you doubt, remember that it is temporary. Like all things in life, doubt is temporary. It can either help us or hinder us, but it’s up to us to make the decision to use it in the right way.

I’m not quite over my doubt (as of last Friday), but I know where it’s coming from; trying to make a decision to add something new to my already long list of projects that I am working on. More than likely, the doubt is telling me I need to analyze my plate and make the decision to add and subtract some things.

As you’re dealing with your own doubt, question it and remember that it’s only temporary and it can definitely help you.


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