It Comes With Age


Remember when you were a kid? You were so carefree and sure of yourself that no one could tell you ANYTHING! If you wanted to wear a tutu with rainboots and a bikini top, you did. If you wanted to finger paint your Tonka truck with polka dots, you did. Your confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your desires was so strong, that no one could shake it!


What the hell happened? Somewhere between the teenage and college years, we lost our sense of self. We forgot about the things we were passionate about in favor of cliques, acceptance, and heartache. We allowed our beliefs to be jacked for the fabled “adult life” everyone is always going on and on about just to become a lost child in an adult body.

Some days I see adult hood as if we are children trying to find light in the darkness. We become so afraid that each step forward will result in something catastrophic that we go through our entire lives not moving. I love seeing children who just give no fucks about what they like and want to do, I miss that innocence. I enjoy meeting older folks who have regained their child like innocence and reignited their self-confidence.



Being around these groups, push me more and more to find my childlike self and integrate her into my soul. It makes me less worried about how to make others happy and more interested in what makes me happy. I find that I give less fucks and stop allowing other people’s emotions dictate how I should feel or respond. As I am getting older, I’m less invested in the outer world and invest more inwardly… Eventually, we’ll all get there, but you know…it comes with age.


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