I’m a naughty girl…


…at least I can be.

I used to write…(or still do when I’m inspired to do so) erotica, the fancy way of saying dirty stories, lusty letters, trashy narratives. I had a blog called Tesha’s Diary where I wrote some of my deepest fantasies, shared stories inspired by my friend’s escapades, as well as true events from some of my friends. I loved writing in that blog, but as my interests changed and I started to create, own, and operate a business, it became too much creatively leading to my two years (and counting) of writers block. I’ve slowly been getting back into it, creating shorter stories and essays versus narratives…right now I have some new material on my phone, that I would like to share. So! be on the look out for the resuscitation of Tesha’s Diary here on SOA Inspired under the tag/ category “#SOAafterdark.” They’ll always be posted late at night for your scintillating pleasure, but until then check out some of my previous lust worth stories at Tesha’s Diary…while it’s still erect.



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