Dream Girls Meetup presented by Pink Lemonade Stand Initiative and LipPop Cosmetics


Recently, I was named a board member of The Pink Lemonade Stand Initiative, a non-profit organization that fosters entrepreneurship in little girls and the “little girls within.” Specifically, I serve as the Events Chair. Talk about shocked and excited when my mentor asked me to be a part of this amazing organization.



I remember growing up, I was a little hustler myself. I’ve been a girl scout…so you know I was pushing cookies like drugs back in the day. In my school organizations, I was normally one of the top sellers. I remember being a top seller of New York style cheesecakes for my chorus class in high school. I’ve made bracelets, I’ve sold candy, you can say I was born like this *gahtdahm gahtdamn gahtdamn!*


Our first event was the Dream Girls Meetup on Saturday, February 22 hosted by The Pink Lemonade Stand Initiative and Lippop Cosmetics. Let me tell you about Miss Shemiah of Lippop. Lippop Cosmetics was founded by 10 year old Shemiah Lewis and sells lip gloss and age appropriate cosmetics for little girls. She is such a sweetie pie! The event was a huge success and it was filled with young girls who are aspiring entrepreneurs in their own rights. It hosted a panel in which the girls could discuss their success and encourage other girls…and women to go forth and conquer, live their dreams, and be amazing at it.

It was truly inspiring to not only meet the girls but to manage the event and meet everyone involved. I’m super excited about The Pink Lemonade Stand Initiative and I cannot wait to see what more we will be doing in the very near future!

Take a look at some more pics below!


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