…I’ll do it tomorrow


I’m incredibly observant. It’s a blessing and a curse. I notice that people are really reactive and because of it find themselves making stupid mistakes or saying stupid things. It’s always funny to me because before they needed to get reactive, they had a prime opportunity to be proactive and prevent unnecessary action from happening.

Reactive is what happens when you allow your mistakes to control you. It is what happens when you refuse to put forth action in a timely manner. It’s what procrastination forces you to do. Think about how often you have had to be reactive.

Your mom told you to pick up your clothes and clean your room. You decided not to because well…you didn’t think your room was that junky. So you waited…procrastinated and what happened? Not only did you get yelled at, but now that pile of clothes has turned into a mountain with rivers of trash and valleys of dirty dishes to accompany it. And all you had to do was be proactive, put forth a little effort to carry you further.
Now you have to exert both time and energy to do something that was originally so small.

I'll Do It Tomorrow | SOAinspired

To be proactive is to put forth action now before greater action is required later. You know how people say, “the early bird gets the worm?” in my opinion, it’s not 100% about getting up early…per se. It’s about putting aside procrastination to put forth effort before much more is required. It’s about being prepared and foreseeing possibly future problems.

For instance:

A husband knows his wife is coming back home from her business trip. She asked him to take out the trash and wash any dishes he used while she was gone. Now if he is proactive, he will do all of that way in advance so he doesn’t have to do it last minute or worse, forget and get the major side eye from his wife.

Too many people are out here reactive to life. Allowing things to happen to them because they are lazy or scared or unmotivated and it isn’t until the mountain piles up on top of them do they want to be moved to action…but why? We are allotted the same 24 hours as everyone else. No one gets more, but a lot of us use less.

Be proactive to life. Instead of waiting on life to happen to you, why don’t you go out and happen to life? We all have the same hours in a day. Are you going to spend it reacting to the things that were in your control all along? Or be proactive exerting little effort to reap big rewards? It’s like they always say,

Don’t put off tomorrow what you should do today.


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